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The Masters of Gravity

Echo Greystorm

  • Battlefield 6
  • Life 17
  • Spellboard 4

Cards 30 / 30

Alteration Spells (3)

Action Spells (6)

Conjuration Deck (6)


This is the official deck for Echo Greystorm, available as a small-box expansion.

First Five suggestion pending.


  • Any chance we can get Issac to post his recommended First Five? It's hard to teach this game when only half the pre-cons have a F5 listed, and personally I'd rather not guess.

  • If you really really need First Five for this deck they probably look like this (unofficial) :

    Chaos Gravity
    Changing Winds
    Gravity Training
    Sonic Swordsman
    Summon Mirror Spirit

    Activating all of these Costs 10 Dice plus 1 for Echos Ability but you will draw 1 with Changing Winds anyway so the plan is to put Gravity Training and Mirror Spirit on the board but sometimes just play the cards you draw instead. However there are other starting Hands that are a lot better against certain opponents.

  • Isaac made a post back in the day that only decks in the base game were intended to have first five to give Beginners a starting point.

    He then proceeded to give first fives for Brennen and Rin but also noted that it will not be done for every deck.
    The Reason for this is also very simple : Not every Deck has Five Cards that are a good to start with independent of the opponent.

    When you want to teach the game to someone stick to Core Box decks. Ashes is a Game with a lot of rules - learning all the cards from the start is a lot of work.
    Even if you have someone who just is eating up all the rules and mechanics it's not like you want to skip the core box decks anyways.

    I usually let people play Aradel once or twice against Maeoni or Coal because those decks are more about Unit Combat and not alternate win conditions like Discard. Also Starters tend to not enjoy playing as Noah or playing against Aradel.
    Next i ask them if they want to play against or as a new phoenixborn from the core Box until they have seen every character at least once.
    People still learn new strategies and rules by the fifth or sixth game so they are still usually beginners at that point.

  • You could also try:

    Changing Winds: 1[[sympathy:class]] - 1[[basic]]
    Gravity Training: 1[[sympathy:class]] or 1[[divine:class]]
    Summon Mirror Spirit: 1[[sympathy:class]] - 1[[basic]]
    Light Swordsman1[[sympathy:class]] - 1[[divine:class]]
    Holy Relics: 2[[divine:class]]

    Thunder number: 3[[sympathy:class]] - 3[[divine:class]] - 2[[basic]] - 1[[sympathy:class]] or 1[[divine:class]]

    Is a little less dice hungry than Cronos Genesis#9i6t's deck. The spare die is for Echo's Increase Gravity. Alternatively, don't use Gravity Training and you have 2 dice spare (if you draw something useful with Changing Winds).

    This is no good against decks with direct unit removal (Aradel, Jessa, Odette), but useful in that you can quickly build a very powerful Light Swordsman. If your opponent lets it stick, it can quickly turn into a steam-roll.

  • a useful guide to this deck can be found here

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