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Altered Venom

Maeoni Viper

  • Battlefield 3
  • Life 22
  • Spellboard 4

Cards 30 / 30

Allies (3)

Reaction Spells (5)

Conjuration Deck (6)


  • This comment was posted on a previous snapshot of this deck.

    All in on the Snakes, eh? A player after my own heart!

    Some thoughts and suggestions:

    • It's going to be difficult to recover from your first round, since you get at most two units, neither of which is very good at killing anything (sure, you can pump one up with Strike, but then their Phoenixborn is just going to step in front of the attack. And if you sink 1 die for Strike + 2 dice for Hypnotize + whatever you paid for the unit to kill one unit of theirs with 3 or less health...well, they're going to be thanking you for the major tempo boost and beating your face in with their massive army turn 2).
    • You're already in Charm, so you probably should run at least 1x of Open Memories to snag a second Snake summon first turn. 1 status token versus none when coming into a play is a pretty big deal, plus a second copy allows you to fill your Battlefield turn 1 (and attack/counter with 3 units instead of 2).
    • Undying Heart is probably not worth it. There are a bunch of cards that will give you better value like Particle Shield (screw with their combat math), Call Upon The Realms (so you don't meditate yourself into the grave trying to afford snakes and Molten Gold), Crescendo (kill their stuff and increase your attack at the same time!), and probably others.

    Good luck! An Explosive Growth + Strike + Hypnotize on a Snake with 2+ status tokens is a devastating amount of damage. The trick is surviving until you can line it up.

  • I have been being very fond of this deck, especially since Skaak#1st! - answering to one of my posts - suggested to use Resonance to get a first turn double focused Summon Silver Snake.

    Starting from this point, I have wondered which cards could fit well in such a deck and I then went to consider the following ones, trying to know whether they would be relevant or not:

    • Summon Gilder - having a creature on one's side, which can fuel Silver Snake with status tokens and help keeping the board clear at the same time looks good, even as a one-of
    • Polarity Mage - playing tricks with alteration spells may be a good idea, given the deck contains several of them (including Enhanced Strength)
    • String Mage - similar to Polarity Mage, but with status tokens
    • Call To Action - can bring some surprise effect
    • Changing Winds/Magic Syphon - acts as a dice fixing solution (since the deck is quite heavy on power dice) and also brings an interesting side effect
    • Shared Sorrow - maybe too situational but allows to play single cards more than once in a game

    Any enlightened advice is more than welcome!

  • I haven't had a chance to test my new Snakes deck yet (took forever to get the new expansions thanks to management issues at my FLGS--but hoping to finally test Resonance + Summon Silver Snakes tomorrow!), but one thing that I think is absolutely essential if you're running a Snakes deck with [[sympathy]] is Crescendo because it effectively reads "kill an opponent's unit. Decrease your Snake's health by 1 and increase its attack by 1".

    I'm also flirting with trying out Summon Biter instead of Summon Gilder; I love Gilders and they go with Snakes like peanut butter goes with jelly, but they generally only delay the real threats from hitting a Snake (whereas a Biter + 2 Snakes is a real quandary for your opponent, since the Snakes or Maeoni can just soak up small amounts of damage, and the Biter can 1-shot Holy Knight, Hammer Knight, and put Elephant Rider into range of a Crescendo or similar). Might not be worth it, though, especially since Gilders have the secondary damage effect and Inheritance whereas Biters are a waste of a battlefield slot unless you're facing a deck with a tall battlefield.

    Lastly, the only thing missing from your list of likely things to include is Flute Mage, because that never gets old when you're fielding really big threats.

  • Well the idea of strike and Empower is that they are twofold. you can use them on the attack but you can also use them to pump up a defensive gilder. So you don't need biters if you want that 3 attack guard.

  • I don't like Empower for exactly one reason: 2 [[natural:class]]. The cost to put the spell into play is too often prohibitive, especially if you're into a three color deck (which I think a modern Snakes deck absolutely has to do; Explosive Growth in particular wins games on its own that you'd otherwise lose).

    So say I'm playing a Hammer Knight deck. Cost for a Biter first turn is 1 [[natural:class]] - 1 [[sympathy:class]]. Cost for a Gilder that can kill the Hammer Knight first turn is 1 [[charm:class]] - 1 [[natural:class]] - 2 [[natural:class]] - 1 [[basic]] (assuming that you place the damage from summoning the gilder on the Knight, and use Strike offensively on a Snake).

    The Gilder is definitely the better unit long-term, but it makes for a brutally tight first turn (particularly if you're trying to double focus your Snakes, which is already 3 dice prior to summoning a Snake at all thanks to Open Memories and Resonance). At that point, you're basically playing the long game, but usually Snakes lose if they get forced into a long game (because they need spike damage to close things out, so usually games should be pretty quick).

  • I agree that empower is too expansive, but the example you gave can be fixed with better order of operations and some opportunity cost comparisons.

    Also you can use mark of the red flower instead of Open Memories and Resonance if you really want those early status tokens and for a single snake this is easier and allows for very different dice pools.

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