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Grin and Bear It


I took this to a local War Within event, with middling success. It had a really rough time with the guy running a standard Leo mill deck, in particular.

Suggested first five:

First card played should typically be Shifting Mist (to ensure they don't lock it out by exhausting dice; this card is key to getting the deck running without losing half your deck to meditation).

The basic idea behind this deck is generalizing your threat so that regardless of what your opponent disables you still come out ahead. For instance, bears pave the way for snakes to hit the opponent or for swallows to kill a biggie without also dying. Swallows feed the snakes and take heat off the bears. Gilders thin swarms, feed the snakes, and can chump block if Maeoni gets too damaged. Add in direct damage to Phoenixborn (Molten Gold/Sympathy Pain), exhaustion manipulation (Change Psyche/Transfer), and contingencies for swarms (Mist Typhoon/Hypnotize) and a 3-unit battlefield starts to look less like a downside.

Particle Shield is there to throw off your opponent's math at critical points (and once they know you have it, to encourage overcomitting). Ice Trap is mainly for feeding the snakes. Hidden Power helps offset the deck's high Thunder number. Remember to use your dice powers! Charm dice in particular are important for ensuring your threats actually achieve something each turn.

When in doubt, block with Maeoni! She's got lots of health, and you absolutely can't afford to lose units too often because you need your dice for actions.

For the Spellboard, typically Summon Gilder will replace Summon Nightshade Swallow, and Hypnotize will replace Shifting Mist.

Notes after the tournament:


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