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Abusing Beasties

Rin Northfell

  • Battlefield 6
  • Life 17
  • Spellboard 4

Cards 30 / 30

Alteration Spells (4)

Action Spells (9)

Reaction Spells (3)

Conjuration Deck (22)


  • (little note: it's Magic Purity, not Lucky Rabbit)

    A deck that strikes surprisingly strong enough, I did think of it as a "too easy to do" but it actually IS good.


    Summon FF
    Summon Iron Rhino
    Summon Turtle Guard
    Holy Knight
    Rin's Fury

    The first round is meant to prepare Knights and Elephants still waiting in the deck as greater biggies; as such, the idea is that Rin should begin with a Summon Frostback, then Summon Turtle Guard, then Summon Iron Rhino (this latter is most likely to not be Summoned on first round). Frostback and Holy Knight should always be the first units you'll have; unless you play against Jessa, begin with Frostback, then Holy Knight (and never forget to use Rin's Fury anytime during the round!)

    The next rounds will provide you with Knights and Elephants; the alterations I added are rarely needed for them, though (but a Holy Knight with Devotion is always a good pain!). Hand Tricks can be used anytime you want (if you have it) and Meteor... often effective if you happen to destroy enough units so you keep field control, but can be used as a massive unit's takedown try (not only Elephants but also Turtles and Gobi Shields, as well as any unit being able to get massive Life).


    - Multiple-shielding units (Turtles, Sunshields) are a big issue: they can handle all your units before HoK and ER appear, and while it's the goal of the deck to call Blondies and Tuskies as surprises, the multiple-shielding units can last longer than other units, to the point they can counter your biggies.

    - Dice management is much limited; of course most cards don't ask Power symbols but as the round's rolls will probably come back as basic if they happen to be recycled, and because every card recycling dice needs to not be meditated, it's difficult to meditate effectively with this deck - but alterations you won't use can be meditated in priority, if possible.

    Otherwise, it's a classic field control using classic units. The thing is, it's much more effective than I used to assume!

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