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Winged Lioness

Winged Lioness

Card text

Winged Lioness

Conjuration - Battlefield

  1. Stalk: This unit cannot be guarded against.
  • Attack 2
  • Life 2
  • Recover 1
  • 4


  • Note for others: Guard and block are different, I was dumb and played a couple games before I realized it cannot be guarded against, but it can still be blocked.

  • To avoid such misinterpretations i would advise you to look at the deck previews on the official plaid hat website before playing a deck.
    While that seems tedious it is actually quite interesting and also clarifies a lot of interactions. If you do not know the use case of a card this quite helpful.

    If you dive face first into decks from the end of the Ashes live cycle you are bound to get some rules mixed up.
    Most players were forced to get used to a pair of twin decks over about 4 months before they got something new.