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Card text

Vengeance (James)

Reaction Spell - Discard

  1. X [[basic]]

  1. You may play this spell after you declare an Attack a Phoenixborn main action. Destroy X units you control. If you do, X target units you currently control gain the following abilities for the remainder of this turn:
  2. Overkill X: When this unit destroys a unit an opponent controls by attacking, deal X damage to that opponent's Phoenixborn.
  3. Spite X: When this unit deals damage to a Phoenixborn by attacking, you may deal X additional damage to that Phoenixborn.


  • Will this work if you destroy over half your units?

  • Pretty good question - common sense would say that it should work. If you destroy 9 out of 10 units you control then you can target remaining 1 unit and other 8 effects will go wasted but it can work. However since it doesn't specifically say in the third row "up to X target units you control...." it's a little confusing

  • My vote is always in favour for the spirit of the rule (unless the letter of the rule is in my favour ;) ) so I would read it as 'up to' even though that isn't exactly what is written.

  • I agree with angus

  • There is a rule to evaluate as much of a card as you can and from the FAQ for Remorse we know that if you have 1 card in your draw pile and have to discard 2 cards from your draw pile or face a consequence in case you can not, then you must still do as much as possible and discard 1 card.

    The transfer of this would be that here you would give the 2 abilities to as many units as you can.
    The difference to the "up to X Units" phrase is that here you have to chose as many units as you can if X is more than your Units count.
    Also this is james specific card so you always have a battlefield of 7 when you play this - you never sacrifice 9 out of 10 units with this card.

  • also this is a James specific card - you never sacrifice 9 out of 10 units with this card

    But you can do six out of seven

  • Does the Overkill trigger Trigger the Spite effect ?
    As in "My unit kills your Unit, therefor deals X Overkill damage which triggers Spite to deal X additional damage"
    I would say that the Unit is a source because it has Spite and Overkill at that point in time and therefore also deals the additional damage but i don't think Ashes has that kind of reasoning in its rules.

  • Damage to Phoenixborn is dealt because of ability(overkill) not because of attacking, so spite does not activate. That's what I would say

  • Thats true. I forgot it said 'by attacking' (and obviously did not read the card again).

  • for people who are interested in the ruling and where it comes from, an interesting (and very long!) post and discussion in comments can be found here