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Veil Of Reversal

Veil Of Reversal

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Veil Of Reversal (Sembali)

Reaction Spell - Discard

  1. 2 [[basic]]

  1. You may play this spell when an opponent would use a spell, ability, or dice power that targets you, your draw pile, your discard pile, or your Phoenixborn. Cancel the effects of that spell, ability, or dice power. You may choose a target ally you control and place it into its owner's hand. If you do, remove a target conjuration from the game.


  • I searched card database for cards that target player, deck,discard pile or phoenixborn and it turns out that there aren`t many of them. Is there any reason to use this card?

  • even if there aren't many, it still counters those few cards.

    It is also worth noting that PHG and Isaac Vega seem to plan well in advance as to how they want things to be countered. For example freezing blast is the 'best' counter to luminous seedlings. This shows a lot of foresight and planning, even if their theorising isn't as correct as they probably would like it to be.

    Whats that got to do with the price of tea? Very recently, we have seen a reasonable increase in the number of cards that target player, deck, discard pile and phoenixborn (think nightsong cricket). in theory, veil of reversal is an ideal counter. whether or not that's true is up for better minds then mine to decide.

  • So you suggest that there will be additional dice type and new expansions? I mean i saw signs this can happen but is it confirmed?

  • We haven't heard one way or the other whether they have any further expansions planned, so it's still up in the air if they'll follow through with their original plan for a seventh dice type.

    It's entirely possible that even if they decide to stop development for business reasons, the basic card ideas were mocked up when Veil of Reversal was designed, though.

  • it is confirmed only in my dreams XD

  • It does not matter that there are "not that many cards" of the type.
    Literally all Phoenixborn damage is targeted and it turns out that Phoenixborn damage is quite important in this game.
    This and Vanish are the only cards that stand between you and a molten Gold, so from a design perspective this type of card needs to exist.
    Also for most cards there are not that many relevant in terms of key word charing.
    Take "Status Tokens" there are just not that many ways to use them.
    There are not that many cards that specifically work well with each exhaustion removal cards ... or attachments ... or Discarding Cards.
    On Average i found that most Cards meaningfully interact with about 3 cards in the game and the rest is just generic interactions like dealing damage and having a Unit die, which are often cases factored into the cost of the card. Leech Warrior costs 3 Dice and not 2 despite its stat line.

    Veil and Vanish are currently the only cards that actually do something against Purge and similar effects.
    While that is not very important right now you just can't have a mechanic that does not allow for any counter play - we had a meta with mostly Three-eyed Owls and it was Hell because there were no good counters.

    However i do agree that Veil of reversal is not exactly a power card.
    For a Phoenixborn card in particular the power budget would have been a lot higher it seems to me.
    We can only assume that in the design process Vanish was rated very important for the game. A statement which can be true even if the card is not played - as i said you just cant build a Deck just out of direct damage because of it.

    I think the point where the community and the designers idea go apart is that they considered returning an ally to your Hand to be an advantage.
    When Veil of Darkness and Veil of Reversal were first presented to the community to vote on which card should make it into the game complaints were high on how overpowered Veil of Darkness would be.
    Veil of Darkness would have allowed you to return an ally to your Hand and exhaust all opponents ready spells for which they do not pay 1 [[basic]] as well as one of your choice.
    There people argued the effect was too good AND returning an ally to hand would hardly be a cost as you would want to return Stormwind Sniper to your Hand anyway.
    Of course that was a pipe dream and people voted for the other option.

    Currently making Veil of Reversal work is a challenge but if you play against heavily aggressive blocking a Final Cry to return an exhausted Anchornaut to hand can be quite the game changer - ignore the Conjuration part or at least keep in mind that it is obligatory to remove some conjuration if possible, even if your opponent does not have any in play.

  • Your list is so much wider than what i found :). But i think you can`t counter Enlightenment with Veil Of Reversal.

  • Your list is so much wider than what i found :). But i think you can`t counter Enlighten with Veil Of Reversal.

    Well, in theory you can. But therefore it has to be played on your PB, which will probably never happen.

  • You are right. I missed that.