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Transmute Magic

Transmute Magic

Card text

Transmute Magic

Action Spell - Discard

  1. [[side]]
  2. 1 [[sympathy:class]]
  3. X [[basic]]

  1. Select X dice in your exhausted pool and place them into your active pool on a side of your choice. Change 2 dice in a target player's active pool to a side of your choice.


  • So, you could do this turn 1 of a round and change all your dice but the one to power symbols?

  • that is what it is for. other cards similar to this include call upon the realms, shifting mist, magic syphon and changing winds. all have their uses and work better in different decks.

  • It actually doesn't have to be "the one" [[sympathy:class]] to stay in your exhausted pool. It can be any die and the [[sympathy:class]] could come back as a [[sympathy]] if you would need it.

    @angus#5nar I think Hidden Power should also belong to the list. It might even be the one closest to Transmute Magic in effect, as it recurrs and fixes dice, but the main difference is that Transmute Magic is a net loss of dice while Hidden Power is a net win.

  • thanks for the addition kapitan#4=pg! I primarily think of hidden power as recursion (which you pointed out) instead of as fixing, which is why I overlooked it.

  • that is what it is for.

    In addition it allows you to cheat your dice distribution.
    If you have 5 [[ceremonial]] and 5 [[Sympathy]] you can first use 5 [[ceremonial]] then use transmute magic and use another 4 [[ceremonial]].
    That is probably where the card gets its name from.
    Usually only the first 3 to 4 mediations per round really matter, the rest is essentially eye candy. Effectively changing the dice distribution for the round is the real deal.

    If you use more than 2 colors the effect is more impactful.
    Paying 1 die for the privilege is a lot but it allows for very surprising lines of play.
    For example you might be able to summon 2 Emperor Lions with just 2 [[Divine]] in your dice pool, which your opponent might not have seen coming (for good reason).

    Main Use case seems to be that you pay for 3 cards with 3 Magic Play Cost over the course of the round, then the 1 die cost does not matter. In a sense this enables you to play stupidly aggressive with 3 cost allies that do not fit your dice pool at all.

    Lastly, if X>2 you can activate Magic Purity or Lucky Rabbit.

  • This card also doubles as a way to screw your opponent over, since you can adjust two of their dice to a [[basic]] face. Note, however, that doing so means they could Vanish or potentially Veil of Reversal all of your dice away, so if those are likely to show up you need to be careful.