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Sword Of Virtue

Sword Of Virtue

Card text

Sword Of Virtue (Odette)

Action Spell - Discard

  1. [[main]]
  2. 2 [[basic]]

  1. Destroy a target unit or remove all wound tokens from a target unit.


  • Isn’t this card OP? Compared with other ways to deal direct damage in the game I feel this one is extremely cheap:

    [[side]] [[natural]] = 1 Damage
    Frost Bite -> [[main]] [[basic]] = 1 damage (if focused)
    Molten Gold -> [[main]] [[natural]] [[natural]] = 3 damage
    Freezing Bast -> [[main]] [[natural:class]] [[natural:class]] = 2 damage

    [[main]] [[basic]] [[basic]] = 9999 damage

  • It is on the low side for its strength as a unique.

  • It is on the low side for its strength as a unique.

    And there's a reason for this!

    Sword of Virtue is not a bad card, per se, but it has a few key problems:

    • If your opponent uses units that cost less than 2 dice, SoV is useless unless you have something that can make effective use of the "remove tokens" clause. In particular, SoV is generally useless at handling conjurations, because most of them cost 2-3 dice and are a renewable resource (unlike SoV).
    • Of the nastiest allies that you might want to remove, Elephant Rider and Holy Knight are both functionally immune to SoV.
    • Most other allies that you want to destroy have 3 health, and it's more efficient to kill them via damage since you can usually do so with 2-3 dice and potentially have a unit in play that survives the round (so you get more value out of the card).
    • The secondary clause is only really great if you have a big unit (like an Elephant Rider) that you want to allow some damage on, and then swing with it again the same turn.

    I'm probably missing some reasons, too; I'm up late. In any case, SoV is probably the scariest part of facing Odette, but I'm still rarely worried when I sit down across from an Odette deck because its usefulness is too situational. Most of the time, SoV just ends up being a mostly even trade of dice and cards (and all that does is extend the game time a little bit; it doesn't actually give you a way to win).

  • Most things have been pointed out already. There is the addition of this being a good card against buffing alterations.
    It seems plaidhat planned for that to be a much more viable strategy.
    So one of the main Usages of the card is currently not relevant.

    If people were running blood archers with Holy Relics and Frozen Crown it would be a phenomenal card.
    So as a funny sidenote, without being actively played, Sword of Virtue does impact the metagame by just making it even less attractive to play buff alterations on huge allies.
    In Starcraft 2 the Carrier, a huge flying Siege unit, was also not a valuable unit for long periods of time, but it also affected the metagame by the fact that it could be used very effectively, were someone to try certain strategies.These strategies were avoided however for that exact reason.