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Summon Sleeping Widows

Summon Sleeping Widows

Card text

Summon Sleeping Widows

Reaction Spell - Discard

  1. 2 [[ceremonial:class]]

  1. You may play this spell when a unit you control is destroyed. Place up to 2 Sleeping Widow conjurations onto your battlefield.


  • I guess the old cards everyone knows are sort of underrepresented on here, but yeah, Sleeping Widows is awesome. 4 attack on multiple bodies for 2 dice is ridiculous, and there's plenty of ways to trigger it at will. E.g. spirit burn to kill something, swing for 4 with new spiders. It can also save your ass when used as surprise blockage after a removal/ping.

    The flavor text is embarrassingly lame though.

  • NoSoup4you#4ax4 said
    the flavour text is embarrassingly lame

    Really? I always considered it as one of the best flavour texts in the game. Not because it is amazing in and of itself (I agree, alone it does kinda suck) but because in its precon, it is the perfect summing up of how Noah needs to be played.

    But onto the real topic, yeah, I love this card! I want to try it in conjunction with rising horde and Brennan blackcloud. The idea is play hoard first turn, then burn it second, summon widows and then swing face with six damage from four sources. Ideal scenario is you go first, and they don't play an ally straight away and you get 8 damage to phoenixborn. Least ideal scenario is they have redirect and an ally. But I think nine times out of ten they are gonna take a big swing to the face. (The rest of the turn would probably be turtle guard and maybe chant if I still have the dice for it)

  • The flavor text is embarrassingly lame though.

    Isaac Vega stated that the point of the flavor texts in this game is to be cringe worthy as some sort of parody on similar games.

    Least ideal scenario is they have redirect and an ally.

    Nope. There could be Choke or Law of Sight. In Both cases you don't even get the Widows and if Choke was played you are just left with a 1/1.