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Summon Mirror Spirit

Summon Mirror Spirit

Card text

Summon Mirror Spirit

Ready Spell - Spellboard

  1. [[main]]

  1. [[main]][[exhaust]]1 [[sympathy:class]]1 [[basic]]: Place a Mirror Spirit conjuration onto your battlefield.
  2. Focus 1: You may remove all status tokens from a Mirror Spirit you control. If you remove at least 1 status token, place 1 exhaustion token on a target unit.


  • Mirror Spirit is an interesting card. It's generally terrible and overpriced in the first round of the game. However, if you can get it focused you can do some fun things with it. For instance, it pairs well with:

    • Koji Wolfcub: for an effective cost of [[side]] - [[main]] - 1 [[sympathy:class]] - 1 [[basic]] you can add exhaust an opponent's unit and gain a second Mirror Spirit. Assuming one of you has 3+ exhausted units, that's not bad at all. Additionally, opponents are usually disinclined to attack Mirror Spirits without tokens, which allows you to keep one Mirror Spirit in play for triggering the focus ability.
    • Small Sacrifice: clear out old Mirror Spirits, or use a Mirror Spirit (and their summon's focus ability) to double exhaust something.
    • Blood Chains: sacrifice a Mirror Spirit without tokens (or that's already attacked) to double exhaust an opponent's unit.
    • Explosive Growth: for obvious reasons. This is relatively costly, though, and Mirror Spirits are super easy to kill. If you can cheat the Explosive Growth across multiple spirits with Polarity Mage you can recoup the cost, but Polarity Mage gets a big fat bullseye as soon as it takes an Explosive Growth.
    • Join the Hunt: another way to ensure old Mirror Spirits are still useful after using the focus ability.
    • String Mage: persist tokens across generations of Mirror Spirits, and give them a slight longevity boost (assuming your opponent likes to do 1 damage at a time)
    • Meteor: clear out your old Mirror Spirits, and make way for the new!
    • Kneel: clears out the playing field and seriously bumps up the power of your next Mirror Spirit
    • Gilder: protection, extra tokens for old Spirits, and a way to clear them off the board all in one!

    Unfortunately, Mirror Spirits have lots of natural enemies:

    As a result, Mirror Spirits can be difficult to deckbuild around and play.

    What I have found is that it is best to treat Mirror Spirits as a disposable, recurring resource. Sure it's nice if you can persist a 3+ token Spirit more than one round, but that's unusual. Don't be afraid to use the summon's focus ability on a Spirit with 3+ tokens; odds are good it won't survive anyway, and clogging your opponent's battlefield with exhausted units is actually better in the long-run because it leads to more powerful Mirror Spirits.

  • Choke is the worst card for mirror spirits. Leaves you with a zero attack mirror spirit and only 2 left in the conjuration pile. I don't often point to conjuration count as a strength/weakness of a unit but it is a definite weakness of mirror spirits.

  • NIU#5nw said:
    I don't often point to conjuration count as a strength/weakness of a unit but it is a definite weakness of mirror spirits.

    Wholly agreed. You really have to explicitly build your deck around Mirror Spirits to make sure they don't end up uselessly cluttering up your battlefield, and because even for Phoenixborn like Koji you need every single Mirror Spirit to either continually do work or die since otherwise you'll run out of copies to summon.