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Summon Cerasaurus Mount

Summon Cerasaurus Mount

Card text

Summon Cerasaurus Mount

Ready Spell - Spellboard

  1. [[main]]
  2. 1 [[basic]]

  1. [[side]][[exhaust]]1 [[natural:class]]1 [[divine:class]]: Remove an unexhausted ally you control from play. If you do, place a Cerasaurus Mount conjuration onto your battlefield and place that ally face down under that unit.


  • Why the image isn't a book as all other Summon spells? Absolutely disagree!

  • From what i heard the artist that draw the cards for harolds deck is gone already and this is from another artist.
    There is a consistency though in that all the summons in this deck show a person wearing robes that does the summoning.

  • Yeah, Thander Lin was evidently going to be the new artist starting with Sembali...except if you look at the fine print on the back of this pair of expansions there's a list of like 3-4 names of artists, and none of them is Thander Lin. So I guess Ashes is officially done with consistent, single-artist artwork. :-(

  • I think that this isn't book becouse this conjuration is wild animal tamed by it's rider.
    The book spells are used when conjuration isn't natural. It's my opinion and I'm interested what do you think about.

  • The book spells are used when conjuration isn't natural

    I'm not sure there's any greater logic. Books have been used exclusively for summons historically, with the one exception being summon cards that aren't Ready Spells (e.g. Summon Sleeping Widows). In that respect, Summon Shining Hydra and Summon Archasaurus Mount both match the pattern.

    However, patterns break down at this point. Summon Cerasaurus Mount should be a book by that logic. We could say that all mounts aren't books, except then there's Summon Ghostly Mount.

    As far as "natural" goes...well, who's to say? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I'm reasonably sure Cerasaurus isn't an actual dinosaur (outside of possibly Yu-Gi-Oh), unless you trust this site in which case, Cerasaurus isn't a Triceratops relation). But this is a fantasy world, so anything goes!