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String Mage

String Mage

Card text

String Mage

Ally - Battlefield

  1. [[main]]
  2. 1 [[sympathy:power]]
  3. 1 [[sympathy:class]]

  1. Exchange Link 1: [[side]]: Move 1 wound or status token from a target unit onto this unit, or move 1 wound or status token from this unit onto a target unit.
  • Attack 1
  • Life 3
  • Recover 2


  • What are the limits of this unity's ability? In theory could you just repeatedly use Exchange Link to remove exhaustion token from this and attack each turn while piling exhaustion tokens on your opponent?

  • It only moves status tokens and damage tokens, not exhaustion tokens.
    Even it were to move exhaustion tokens you could not use the ability because the ability is not inexhaustiable.

  • She is really good against the strategy where your opponent wants to attack with 1 Fallen over multiple turns.
    As Fallen usually get summoned in pairs of two she can blocks 1 Fallen without counter, then sends the damage token to the other.