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Strange Copy

Strange Copy

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Strange Copy

Action Spell - Discard

  1. [[main]]
  2. 2 [[illusion:class]]

  1. When placing this spell onto your battlefield, choose a unit an opponent has in play. Place status tokens on this spell equal to the chosen unit's attack value. This spell is considered to be an ally that has an attack and life value equal to the number of status tokens on it, and a recover value of 0. Alterations cannot be placed on this spell.
  2. Fleeting: Discard this card at the end of this round.


  • Preconstructed Meta :
    The card is meant to be played as an Ally that is cheaper than it should be.
    It is meant to target 3 Attack allies or greater and has the added benefit of being immune to negative attachments which is often overlooked.
    It also "cleans up after itself" by automatically leaving the battlefield.

    Like most cards it has at least 3 worthwhile Interactions in Constructed Decks :