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Spiked Armor

Spiked Armor

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Spiked Armor

Alteration Spell - Unit

  1. [[main]]
  2. 1 [[natural:class]]
  3. 1 [[basic]]

  1. This unit now has the following ability:
  2. Spiked Skin 2: When this unit is dealt damage by one or more attacking or countering units, deal 2 damage to each unit that is attacking or countering this unit.
  • Life +2


  • Is the Spiked Skin damage actually simultaneous or do i have to decide for an order ?

    We multiple rules that affect this :
    One that says that if things seem to happen at the same the active player ( or ...) has to decide for an order of these things happening.
    The other says that card text essentially overwrites rule book text in case of contradiction.

    Now there is no real contradiction. The card says simultaneously and the wording in the rules is :

    If any game effects
    would ever seem to trigger simultaneously, the player
    whose turn it is decides in which order they will
    resolve [...]

    But then why even bother to write "simultaneously" if it evaluates to the opposite ?

  • The word "simultaneous" is actually not part of the card anymore. Note that card images on often include out-of-date text (I think a couple even include text that was never printed on the cards; PHG isn't very good about keeping their card browser's images up-to-date, which is where I source everything). On card pages like this one, though, the text next to the card (under the heading "Card text") is always the most up-to-date base on the current FAQ.

  • Alright.

  • On the Errata :
    "When this Unit is damage [...], simultaneously deal 2 damage..."
    changed to
    "When this Unit is dealt damage [...], deal 2 damage..."

    Reason : Technically "dealing damage" happens before "dealing damage" + the above discussion.