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Silver Snake

Silver Snake

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Silver Snake (Maeoni)

Conjuration - Battlefield

  1. Consume: Whenever an opponent's unit is destroyed as a result of a spell, attack, counter, ability, or dice power you control, place 1 status token on this unit. If the destroyed unit was an ally, remove it from the game.
  2. X = the number of status tokens on this unit.
  • Attack X
  • Life 4
  • Recover 3
  • 3


  • Hi, I've a question about this part of card description : "If the destroyed unit was an ally, remove it from the game."

    Here is the case : during an attack, the unit the snake is attacking does a counter attack. The previous injuries make both units being destroy. So, I'm asking if the opponent unit must be remove from the game whereas the snake has been destroyed too during the move...

    Thx for the answer Skaak :-)

  • Because the damage is dealt simultaneously, you resolve the damage in the order of the attacking player's choosing. So in this instance, they would probably resolve the damage on the opponent's unit first, removing them from the game with Consume, and then resolve the damage on the Snake, killing it, too.

  • Short Answer : The Snake eats the Unit, but reason might be wrong.

    Long Answer :
    Combat damage is not resolved in any order but simultaneously. There is a rule that, if triggered effects were to be resolved at the same time, they would need to be ordered by the active player or whoever has the starting player token.
    However combat resolution is excluded from this as it is not what the game calls a triggered effect.
    Effects are things you do because they are on a cards text body. Combat resolution is not such a thing.

    We know this is the intended interpretation because of the errata to Spiked Armor :

    Spiked Armor
    Spiked Skin 2 now reads, “When this unit is dealt damage by
    one or more attacking or countering units, deal 2 damage
    to each unit that is attacking or countering this unit.”

    Here they had to (paradoxically) remove the word 'simultaneously' to make the effect actually happen simultaneously.
    Before the errata (see picture Spiked Armor), the word 'simultaneous' in the triggered effect forced the active player to chose an order, which was unintended.
    After the errata (see above) the resolution happens as part of combat, which is actually always simultaneously.
    If the above reasoning was wrong, they would not have needed to change the wording.

    What are the implications ?
    'Simultaneously' just means that the game does not have game states for intermediate results : Lets say you Have 2 Iron Rhinos without wounds in play and somehow have to place 1 wound token on each of them simultaneously by combat resolution.
    The Game starts in a State where both Units have 0 Wounds on them goes into a state where both where both have 1 Wound on them. Where is no in between state where just 1 Rhino has 1 Wound on it while the other is still to receive a wound.

    So the Unit and the Snake deal damage to each other leading to mutual destruction.
    The FAQ gives the steps of unit destruction in detail :

    Step 2b: Effects that trigger on a unit’s destruction or a
    Phoenixborn’s destruction happen now.
    • Step 3: A destroyed Phoenixborn’s controller loses the
    game. A destroyed unit is discarded.

    Steps 2b, which consists of triggered effects, resolves simultaneously for both Units. This is a thing which can be ordered by the active player.
    However :
    The Snake is not yet discarded when the trigger for Consume is resolved, because steps 3 happens after step 2b in all cases.

    Because we come to the same result, it does not really matter for this which argument is correct.

    However by my logic the snake also consumes any attackers if it is countering given enough damage.

  • Steps 2b, which consists of triggered effects, resolves simultaneously for both Units.

    This is not how it works. Damage is dealt simultaneously for combat, but you resolve two distinct DDRP instances (one for each instance of damage) in the order of the active player’s choosing.

    You never resolve multiple instances of damage concurrently.