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Sembali Grimtongue

Sembali Grimtongue

Card text

Sembali Grimtongue


  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 19
  • Spellboard 3

  1. Ban Manifestation: When a unit you control leaves play, you may discard 1 card from your hand and place 1 exhaustion token on this card to choose a target conjuration an opponent owns. That opponent must remove that conjuration from the game or remove all copies of that conjuration in their conjuration pile from the game.


  • Suppose my opponent has Majestic Titan on the board, and i use Ban Manifestation on his Majestic Titan. Can he choose remove all copies of Majestic Titan from conjuration pile (there aren`t any beacouse Majestic Titan comes only in one copy) and ignore Bad manifestation by doing so?

  • To answer your question : yes your opponent can essentially ignore Ban Manifestation by choosing to remove the remaining conjurations in the conjuration pile.
    The same would also be true if you targeted an Emperor Lion while all three copies are on the board.

    In that scenario the ability can be quite bad. It however is the easiest way to remove multiple conjurations from the game.

  • Conjurations that Ban Manifestation is okay against :

    • Emperor Lion (because it costs 3 dice they often chose all remaining copies)
    • Turtle Guard (costs 3 [[basic]] and often there is only one summon in the deck, so they often chose to remove all in the Conjuration pile)
    • Dread Wraith (Opportunity costs are null)
    • Luminous Seedling (The whole Indiglow Creeper chain depends on this, so you want to chose all remaining copies)
    • Silver Snake (As you always play Maeoni, you need these to stay in play, but for that to you need to remove all remaining copies)
    • Nightsong Cricket (If they die they give you some card, so the card disadvantage is not as bad)
    • Three-Eyed Owl (Opportunity costs are lowered, since enough owls make it so that you discard a card either way - might as well use the effect)
    • Weeping Spirit (Opportunity cost is often null, as you need to discard a card anyway)

    How did i get to this list ?
    Conjurations with high conjuration count like Mist Spirit are not good targets if the single copy is cheap. It just doesn't hurt.
    Conjurations with low conjuration count like Majestic Titan or Shadow Spirit are not good targets if you can easily get all or almost all copies in play.
    What remains is a select list of Conjurations with high costs, low count or some discard interaction.

  • Why theese? what makes them vulnerable to Ban Manifestation? I can quite undarstand thing with dread wraiths. If one is on the board and one in conjuration pile you loose one either. But what`s with the rest?

  • I updated my previous comment.