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Secret Door

Secret Door

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Secret Door

Ready Spell - Spellboard

  1. [[main]]
  2. 1 [[illusion:class]]
  3. 1 [[basic]]

  1. After a reaction spell is played and its effects have been resolved, you may place 1 exhaustion token on this spell to draw 1 card, or discard this card to take the reaction spell just played from its owner's discard pile and place it in its owner's hand.


  • Preconstructed Meta :
    The Card is meant to compensate for the "lost draw" on cheap Reaction Spells, as Particle is Cheap, has a good effect but might lead to you being unable to spend all your dice in that round.
    The second more obvious use case is to be able to use the same reaction spell twice in a row if needed.

    As most Cards it has at least 3 worthwhile Interactions in constructed Decks :