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Seaside Raven

Seaside Raven

Card text

Seaside Raven (Saria)

Conjuration - Battlefield

  1. Battle Advantage: When this unit is in battle, it inflicts its damage before other units without Battle Advantage inflict their damage.
  2. Magic Guard: This unit cannot be affected by an opponent's spell.
  • Attack 3
  • Life 2
  • Recover 0
  • 2


  • So what excatly means connot be affected?
    Can an opponents alteration be attached, will it do something if so?
    Does One thousand blades put damage on her?
    How is it different from the Invoiliable ability?
    Kind of new to the game, sorry if im asking the obvious.
    Thanks :)

  • 1. it cannot be affected means exactly that. an opponents spells can't do anything to it.

    2. I'm unsure. I've always played as if they can't but i don't have a specific ruling to back my opinion up.

    3. no

    4. its a very slight distinction, but there. magic guard is a little more catch all. ancestral army would be removed from game (RFG) by harvest soul because it doesn't "target" a unit. but seaside ravens wouldn't be RFG because that would affect them. also, you can attach alterations to the seaside ravens.

  • angus#5nar already answered your questions, but here are some explanations for the reasons behind those answers.

    "Affected" is defined in the FAQ, p. 17 in the Expanded Glossary:

    Affect: A card affects another card or player if it attaches, destroys, removes from the game, targets with an effect, deals damage from an effect, places tokens, removes tokens, moves tokens onto or from another card, cancels it, modifies an ability, or modifies base stats of a unit. A card does not affect another card if an effect chooses it, or if it targets another card with an attack.


    • Since attaching a card affects the card it is attached to, an opponent cannot attach cards to Seaside Raven.
    • One Hundred Blades deals damage from an effect, and thus also affects things so Seaside Raven would take no damage from it.

    The main difference for the Inviolable ability on Ancestral Army is that it affects all players, whereas Magic Guard only affects opponents (and of course there's a bunch of things that fall under "affect" that can still be applied to Ancestral Army, including One Hundred Blades).