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Salamander Monk

Salamander Monk

Card text

Salamander Monk

Conjuration - Battlefield

  1. Spirit Form: When this unit is destroyed, place a Salamander Monk Spirit conjuration onto your battlefield.
  • Attack 1
  • Life 1
  • Recover 0
  • 2


  • This with Polarity Mage and Massive Growth or Holy Relics enables you to use the attachments multiple times for 'little' cost.
    Summon Salamander Monk and attach something to the monk and have it attack afterwards. If it has wounds on it you can now play Polarity mage and use 'take' to kill the monk, and then use 'give' to reattach whatever you have taken to the Monk Spirit.
    Depending on dice you can force wounds with adrenalin rush or something similar.

    While Flute Mage has a similar effect this allows for more of the same which is good. Also this has the advantage of actually getting all 5 of the tokens on the board while Flute Mage might not do that.

    For this trick you need attachments that grant +Life and some other bonus that you want to harvest. Technically Amplify and Spiked Armor could work too.

  • all five of the tokens

    what tokens are you talking about?

  • what tokens are you talking about?

    Probably meant "conjurations"; there are 2x Salamander Monk and 3x Salamander Monk Spirit.

  • i did mean conjurations.