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Sacred Ground

Sacred Ground

Card text

Sacred Ground

Ready Spell - Spellboard

  1. [[main]]
  2. 1 [[divine:power]]

  1. When an opponent would use a spell that affects all units or each unexhausted unit, you may discard this spell. If you do, cancel the effects of that spell.
  2. After a player has declared attackers, you may place 1 exhaustion token on this spell to have all units gain the following ability for the remainder of this turn:
  3. Armored 1: When this unit would receive damage, prevent 1 damage.


  • I just noticed that this can not prevent Mist Typhoon and One Hundred Blades because they only affect the opponents units.

    I seriously thought this just blocks all Board clears.

  • To clarify :
    A 'Spell that affects all units or each unexhausted unit' is a spell with those phrases in it. You do not check if it affects all units, because then sometimes single target spells affect all units (if there is only one unit).
    It would become worse if no units were in play and a spell that does not effect units would be played (then that spell would effect all 0 units and you could prevent it).
    That interaction is certainly not intended.
    In many cases it would not even be clear what should happen. What is the consequence of preventing you playing Summon Iron Rhino - does it not go onto your spell board ?

    See the official preview text below.

    It is meant to only prevent the following 5 spells :
    Natures Wrath
    Mass Heal
    Sacred Ground (only the armor 1 part)


    Divine magic is home to some of the greatest defensive tools in the game, and Sacred Ground is no exception. This ready spell preemptively sets up protection against some of the most game-swinging spells like Meteor or Kneel. Choosing to fight your battles on the Sacred Ground will help aggressive, swarm-based strategies keep their footing against control strategies looking to eliminate your forces in one swoop! Sacred Ground has additional utility when the threat of board-wiping spells is not present. At a moment’s notice in battle, you can exhaust Sacred Ground to give all units on the battlefield, including your opponent’s units, the Armored 1 ability. This can soften the blow of a strong push from your opponent, giving you the option to block and not counter attack, all while keeping your units alive and ready to launch their own charge next turn!

  • divine magic is home to some of the greatest defensive tools in the game...

    ironically, it is the only colour that doesn't have reaction spells!

  • White already has immunities, armor and overkill.
    Would be pretty insane if half of those effects were on reaction spells instead of face up on the table.

  • Btw: Can one still use Sacred Ground to cancel Mass Heal when the Owner chooses to heal only itself?

  • No, you can only cancle it if the Mode is chose that actually affects all units.
    A similar example is given in the FAQ for canceling Double Edged, which has a mode where it does not target anything. If that mode is chose you can not prevent it with Golden Veil or Vanish.