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Royal Charm

Royal Charm

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Royal Charm

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  1. [[main]]
  2. 1 [[basic]]

  1. After you spend a charm or divine power symbol, you may place 1 exhaustion token on this spell to place that die with that symbol onto a target unit you control. That die is considered to have been placed by its dice power ability.


  • I easily see how you would want to use this with [[Charm]].
    The [[Divine]] part is so much harder to make good use of, since the die vanishes at the start of your next turn which is why i feel like it is only good if you attack on the same turn or you are in the extremly unlikely situation that >you know< that >exactly this turn< you need to protect >exactly one of your units< from 2 or less damage.

    But there are not many ways to spend [[Divine]] without a Main Action.
    I think the primary use would be power through, maybe Particle Shield, what else is there ?

    Edit : I just realized that you cant search for cards that allow you to spend a [[basic]], because a search for "Any [[basic]]" just is what logically would be "All [[basic]]".