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Reaction Spell - Discard

  1. 1 [[charm:class]]
  2. 1 [[basic]]

  1. You may play this spell after an opponent takes an Attack a Phoenixborn main action or Attack a Unit main action. Deal 2 damage to a target Phoenixborn. The player that controls that Phoenixborn must discard 2 cards off the top of their draw pile. If they cannot, deal 1 additional damage to their Phoenixborn.


  • what happens if there is only one card left in your opponents draw pile? do you keep the card and take the damage, discard the one card and still take damage or discard the card and not take damage? my gut feeling says the first one, but i just want to make

  • You discard the 1 card, and take 1 damage because you were unable to fully satisfy the condition. Per the FAQ, p. 12:

    Q: If there is only one card left in my draw pile, must I discard it from Remorse played by my opponent? If so, do I take the 1 additional damage?

    A: Yes, you resolve as much as you can. Yes, because you did not fully meet the conditions of Remorse.

  • that is harsh.

    but does that help clear up any partial costs rules? i have been reading through some of the older posts recently, and saw one about having to pay cost and the order events resolve in and such, and i think the final decision was that no partial costs had to be paid. so why would that be different to this? (aside from the FAQ specifically answering this one)

  • does that help clear up any partial costs rules?

    No, this doesn't affect any questions about partial costs, because this is an effect (not a cost). The rule for effects is you resolve as much as you can, but costs are different in that if you can't pay the cost you can't trigger its resulting effects at all which is why (so far as I know) paying part of a cost isn't a thing.

  • the confusion is real

  • The cost of Remorse is [[charm:Class]][[basic]].
    The effect has some "do X and if you can't do Y" text, but you don't get to chose anything about Y.

    X : You have to discard 2 cards.
    If you can't, you have to resolve as much as you can - this is just a general rule of the game.
    So you have to discard as many cards as you can. This is an example in the FAQ.
    Sadly for you, you did not fulfill X completely, so you still have to do Y.
    Y: Take 1 additional damage.

    As a shorthand to what is considered a cost :
    Look at the whole effect of a card : The first thing that can be considered a cost is usually the cost and everything after that is just part of the effect.
    Take Brennan as an example :
    Brennen Blackcloud
    He does kill a Unit and only if you do, you may deal the damage, but before you do that you have to pay 1 [[basic]].
    So the Basic is the cost and the rest is just part of the effect.
    For Remorse, [[Charm:class]][[Basic]] is obviously the cost, so everything else has to be just part of the effect.