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Mark Of The Red Flower

Mark Of The Red Flower

Card text

Mark Of The Red Flower

Alteration Spell - Unit

  1. [[main]][[side]]

  1. Growing Flames: [[side]] - 1 [[natural:class]] / 1 [[sympathy:class]]: Place 1 status token on the attached unit.
  2. This unit now has the following ability:
  3. Fire Mastery: [[exhaust]]: Remove 2 status tokens from this unit. If you do, deal 3 damage to a target unit. You may only activate this ability during your turn.


  • An extract from a conversation on the slack channel:

    MotRF is an interesting card because it has one ability (growing flames), but it also grants an ability (fire mastery). So if the unit is exhausted, it cant use fire mastery. but because growing flames is still an ability of MotRF, you can still spend [[natural:class]] or [[sympathy:class]] to place status tokens on the unit. The reverse is also true, so if MotRF becomes exhausted (by transfer for example), you cant place status tokens but the unit can still use fire mastery.

  • You can not use fire mastery because Mark of the red flower does no longer grant the ability.
    It card text is blank while exhausted.