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Law Of Assurance

Law Of Assurance

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Law Of Assurance

Ready Spell - Spellboard

  1. [[main]]
  2. 1 [[divine:class]]
  3. 1 [[basic]]

  1. When this spell comes into play, you may select 2 dice in your exhausted pool and place them into your active pool on a side of your choice.
  2. Players' active dice pools cannot be affected by spells, abilities, or dice powers used by their opponents.
  3. Bound: This card cannot be discarded from your spellboard when you Meditate.
  4. Fleeting: Discard this card at the end of this round.


  • Can this block the re roll from Reclaim Soul (if targeted at an enemy) ?
    The Card says that the active dice pools cannot be affected and one could read that as 'the exhausted dice pool is fine' but in the end the active dice pool has something placed in it.
    It is similar to moving a token onto a Unit which is 'affecting' that Unit.

  • Technically per RAW nothing affects your active dice pool because the definition for "affect" only covers card interactions (and says nothing about rolling dice, changing dice facings, etc.). That's clearly not PHG's intention, though.

    There's one semi-relevant FAQ entry:

    Q: Can I play Anguish if Law of Assurance is on my spellboard?
    A: Yes, but your opponent cannot allow you to move 2 dice to their exhausted pool, and therefore, must place 2 wounds on their Phoenixborn.

    This suggests that moving dice from the active pool to the exhausted pool "affects" the active pool, but of course that's moving from active to exhausted (and moving is by FAQ definition different than placing).

    My personal gut feeling is that anything that changes a dice pool "affects" it. So removing dice, moving dice, changing the facings of dice, and adding or placing dice. You'll have to make your own personal ruling, though, since PHG isn't going to.

    If you're playing by Raven Rules, "affect" is defined slightly differently:

    Affect: a card affects another card or player if it directly changes the game state for that card or player

    I should probably adjust this definition to make it more explicitly applicable to game locations other than cards and players, but it at least supports the ruling I suggested above (since the game state of your active dice pool is the number, type, and facings of dice in your pool; change any one of those things, and the game state for the active pool has changed, thus it's affected).

    tl;dr I believe that yes, Law of Assurance should block the re-rolled die from Reclaim Soul if you target an enemy unit.