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Ready Spell - Spellboard

  1. [[main]]

  1. [[side]][[exhaust]]2 [[charm:class]]: Choose a target unit you control to gain the following ability for the remainder of the turn.
  2. Bypass: This unit cannot be blocked or guarded.


  • Bypass is meant to read : "This unit cannot be blocked or guarded against".
    There is no downside to the card.

  • I'd actually say there are two downsides to Hypnotize: [[side]] and 2 [[charm:class]].

    I've played a fair amount of Hypnotize (generally in Maeoni with either Silver Snakes or Elephant Rider), and I've discovered:

    • It's often a crucial card for decks where it is included, meaning you want it in your First Five. However, it's usually a dead card in the first round, especially vs. [[illusion]].
    • [[Illusion]] and the likes of Magic Syphon mean you have to over-invest meditations or artificially inflate the number of Charm dice in your deck in order to afford Hypnotize
    • The [[side]] cost means you have to include Iron Worker if you want to be able to chain it with things like Strengthen or sudden meditations, and at this point you've got a 3 card combo (very easy to disrupt)
    • Choke shuts it down so hard it's not even funny
    • It virtually demands an "all your eggs in one basket" deck design, which is really dangerous given the number of common counters mentioned above

    Hypnotize is situationally devastating, but a surprisingly difficult card to play well.

  • cronos genesis#9i6t you're on a role with these reviews, aren't you? much appreciated!

  • I'd actually say there are two downsides to Hypnotize

    My comment was meant for beginners, because the question when the "can't be guarded" downside is ever relevant gets asked by some and this site is currently the primary resource to read up on it.

  • angus#5nar > yeah i get bored sometimes and i figured to say something about the cards that are a bit underplayed. Mainly because they baffled me and new players keep usually ask the same things.

    Since i give the same answers every time i just thought i might write them here.