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Holy Knight

Holy Knight

Card text

Holy Knight

Ally - Battlefield

  1. [[main]]
  2. 1 [[divine:power]]
  3. 2 [[divine:class]]
  4. 1 [[basic]]

  1. Impenetrable: This unit cannot be affected by spells, abilities, or dice powers used by an opponent.
  • Attack 5
  • Life 3
  • Recover 2


  • Is the Holy Knight no longer Impenetrable when exhausted?

  • This kind of information you can find in the FAQ but to paraphrase :

    Any card in play that is exhausted is treated as if it had no text but unexhaustable abilities.

    Impenetrable is not unexhaustable and hence it is "not on the card" if the Holy Knight is exhausted.

  • Thank you this FAQ will be super helpful!!

  • Can you Choke Impenetrable when you would try to affect the knight with spells abilities or dice powers?

  • Nah, immune creature is also immune to that.
    There is no real way to cheese your way around it. If it never gets exhausted, you have to kill it in combat.

  • Comment deleted by user
  • Yeah, that's the gist of "affected". Other than "target"....

  • Does Battle Advantage work against this unit when Impenetrable is in effect?

  • Doesn't affect the knight so still works.

  • Here is a very simple short cut to figuring out if any trick works on (unexhausted) Holy Knight :
    Is it a way to kill the unit without combat ? -> it does not work.
    Is it a way to kill the unit with combat ? -> does not matter because it will get guarded anyway.

    Even shorter version :
    Does it cost less than 6 Dice ? -> it does not work.