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Harvest Soul

Harvest Soul

Card text

Harvest Soul (Harold)

Reaction Spell - Discard

  1. You may play this spell when a unit is destroyed as a result of a spell, attack, counter, ability, or dice power you control. Remove that unit from the game. Draw 1 card and attach a Dark Transformation conjured alteration spell to your Phoenixborn.


  • What is the timing of this ? (or Silver Snakes etc.)
    Unit gets destroyed - does the unit get removed from the game after it is destroyed or 'at the same time' which would lead to the current active player (if existent etc. ...) to decide for an order.
    If you chose 'remove from play' before 'destruction' the destruction should not take place for other purposes.
    Since there is not formally a stack i don't really know what happens here.

    The Dream scenario would be that if i destroy a Unit as the active player i might be able to chose to remove it from the game before the actual destruction which would prevent the destruction and hence triggers for Chant of Revenge.
    (I assume the 'remove from play' that follows a destruction happens after destruction triggers)

    You could also say that Chant of Revenge has an opportunity to trigger whenever Silver Snakes do and even if the destruction is somehow prevented does not forget about that trigger and still resolves.

    Both do not really seem right to me and it does say '... when a Unit is destroyed ...' and not ' ... after a Unit is destroyed ...'.

    We do have a Rule that a card can not have its effects resolved if it has left play even if the effect has already been triggered (FAQ p.14).
    But here the triggered card is not the one that leaves play so it is not the same.

    Has anyone a good answer to this ?
    Same Question for Silver Snakes.
    For Chained Creations it is clear, since there is no destruction involved by default.