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Hand Tricks

Hand Tricks

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Hand Tricks*

Action Spell - Discard

  1. [[side]]
  2. 1 [[basic]]

  1. Select 1 die in your exhausted pool and place it into your active pool on its basic side. Draw 1 card.
  2. Return 1: When your turn begins, if this card is in your discard pile, you may spend 1 [[basic]] and discard 1 card off the top of your draw pile to place this card into your hand.


  • I'm confused, isn't it just spend a basic then get a basic? Why not just make it a side action?

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  • It does a few things. It forces you to have to have at least 1 die in your pool. This means that you cant use it at the end of the round, hoping to get a card that doesn't cost dice (most summon spells). It also means that it isn't ridiculously under priced. sure, the net die cost is 0, but you still need dice to use it (similar to how resonance cost three dice, but you get two back. It isn't quite good enough to be worth the 3 dice investment, but it is good enough that you shouldn't be able to use it willy-nilly).

    It also provides colour shifting. The dice you spend on it doesn't have to be the dice you pull back. Got a fire archer but no [[ceremonial:power]] dice? Use hand tricks, spend a [[nature:power]] type dice and get the ceremonial die you need so you can play the fire archer next turn (after meditating).

  • The dice you spend on it doesn't have to be the dice you pull back

    With meditation spells (Shifting Mist, Call Upon the Realms ...) this becomes surprisingly relevant.

    It does have a Magic play cost of 1 which relevant for 2 cards at the moment.

    And technically you can not assume that you roll any [[basic]], which might force you to downgrade a die in less than 1 in a million games.
    The chances however go up drastically if you draw into Hand tricks with other draw effects that actually cost something.
    So it has a cost once you try to stack draw effects.