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Guilt Link

Guilt Link

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Guilt Link

Ready Spell - Spellboard

  1. [[main]]
  2. 1 [[sympathy:class]]

  1. When your Phoenixborn receives 1 or more damage, you may place 1 exhaustion token on this spell to place 1 wound token on a target unit or Phoenixborn. The player that controls the targeted unit or Phoenixborn may discard 1 ready spell they control or 1 unit they control to prevent that wound from being placed.


  • If I have three Guilt Link ready spells on my spellboard when my pheonixborn takes damage do all three trigger simultaneously if I want?

  • yep. same with chant of revenge when a unit dies. I'm actually working on a brennan burn deck that uses this idea

  • They can all trigger from the same damage but you have to resolve them "one by one" that means that they deal 1 damage 3 times and not 3 damage one time, which is different for countering - mostly that is good for you.
    It also means that in order to prevent 3 damage they would need to discard 3 Units or Ready spells.
    The opponent can also chose to only prevent 1 damage and accept the remaining 2 where you applied them.

    I'm not sure if the targeted player knows the targets of all three copies when they decide whether or not to prevent the damage for the first copy.

  • Also this can be quite a lot worse than chant of revenge, because it is so much harder to deal lethal damage with this.
    Sometimes removing a Unit from their battlefield is not even bad for them, because their smallest Unit might just be blocking a battlefield spot.
    Not to talk about them just removing a Law spell from their Spell Board or even Gates Thrown Open.

    I love that Sympathy has a ping spell but it is a lot more focused on board control than phoenixborn damage.

  • Does Gates Thrown Open remain after all dice are removed from it or is it then discarded? Can you add additional dice?

  • After using up all the dice card stays in your spellbook. You can add additional dice only by playing next Gates Thrown Open. Mantion that for example Chant of Protection says to discard it when there are no tokens left

  • You can add additional dice only by playing next Gates Thrown Open.

    technically you do not add dice to an existing copy. Each Card has a different dice pool on it.
    If a copy is removed from play, all dice on that copy go into the exhausted dice pool.
    You can not even remove dice from gates thrown open to re roll them at the end of the round.

    Probably should not discuss this under guilt link.