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Gravity Training

Gravity Training

Card text

Gravity Training

Ready Spell - Spellboard

  1. [[main]]

  1. After 1 or more exhaustion tokens are placed on a unit you control, you may spend 1 [[divine:class]] or 1 [[sympathy:class]] and place 1 exhaustion token on this spell to attach an Enhanced Strength conjured alteration spell to that unit.


  • Gravity Training in Dimona where she can then use Order to reactivate a big unit has been really fun. Main action swing with Holy Knight (for example), gets exhausted, use GT to place Enhanced Strength, side action Order, ready to go again. Plus now it's buffed +1/+1 and has Endurance so it will be fresh next round even after a Steady Gaze or Blood Chains. Thoughts?

  • Sounds about right to me!

    In my opinion, Gravity Training is mainly worth including if one of the following is true:

    • You play in a meta where multi-exhaust is prevalent (or your deck is weak against multi-exhaust strategies and it comes up often enough to matter)
    • Your deck is built to multi-exhaust its own units, or to allow units to attack multiple times in the same turn (e.g. River Skald + Empower is even better with Gravity Training; as is your example above of Dimona + Holy Knight).

    Otherwise the benefits of Gravity Training are delayed enough that I can usually find a better ready spell for that slot.