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Figures In The Fog

Figures In The Fog

Card text

Figures In The Fog

Reaction Spell - Discard

  1. 2 [[illusion:class]]
  2. 1 [[basic]]

  1. You may play this spell when an opponent chooses to counter with a unit they control. Prevent all damage the attacking unit or units would receive from the the countering unit in this battle.


  • This has my vote for the weakest card in Ashes. Incredibly overpriced for niche utility.

  • Wholly agreed. At least after paying 6 [[basic]] for an Iron Rhino you have a large body. Here you're paying half that (and one of it a class face!) just to prevent a little damage to a unit.

    Plus: fun fact! Figures in the Fog doesn't protect you against cards like Nightshade Swallow or Frostback Bear because Figures prevents damage that would be received, and the Nightshade/Bear abilities trigger upon dealing damage (damage dealing occurs prior to damage being received).

  • When is Figures in the Fog good?

    If you have multiple units attacking an opponent's "Voltron" (something with alteration stacking or tons of Charm dice), and the opponent is fine with it because they get to wipe most of your board in exchange for one unit, Figures in the Fog lets you take out a massive threat without having to worry about losing your whole board. Depending on the circumstances, 3 mana could potentially save a ton of board presence (especially if it saves 3 or more units).

    The card is still pretty bad, but the idea was to benefit large team swings during an "Attack a Unit" action.

  • Three dice? GTFO.

  • You can look at it this way : Illusion does not have that many mono color allies. Say you play a deck with, lets say 7 or more, illusion dice and some out of color 3 cost allies. The allies that you play cost you a lot of meditation actions, but you can use illsion dice to 'resummon them' if they die by a counter.
    So using them aggressively is not as hard of a punish and you can use your strong color to do it.
    Also there is the mindgames component. If your opponent believes you can play this, they might make suboptimal decisions to play around it.
    This is similar to faking having Sympathy Pain inhand by meditating into it.