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Essence Druid

Essence Druid

Card text

Essence Druid

Ally - Battlefield

  1. [[main]]
  2. 2 [[sympathy:class]]
  3. 1 [[basic]]

  1. Spell Recall: When this unit comes into play, search your discard pile for a ready spell and place it into your hand.
  2. Calm the Beast: While this unit is in battle, reduce the attack value of all units in battle with this unit that you do not control by 4.
  • Attack 1
  • Life 4
  • Recover 1


  • OK. SO i read in FAQ that Turtle Guard`s Cumbersome 1 doesn`t activate if he doesn`t he doesn`t counter beacouse he is not in battle. So i assume Calm the Beast have same restrictions - you must counter with this card or else ability doesn`t work. Am i right?

  • You are. It is a good deterrent to attackers. It is always good offensively to protect your attackers. Swing with it in combination with a Hammer Knight to protect the Hammer Knight.

  • But how does it protect Hammer Knight? If i swing with both of them my opponent can just block my hammer knight and calm the beast will not prevent damage to hammer knight

  • Don't swing at the PB, swing at a unit. If they swing together at a unit they either it the PB, get a free hit against a unit or they will be in battle with the same unit and calm the beast kicks in.

  • This make sense :) I didn`t think of using it this way. Thank you for explanation :)