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Card text

Encore (Namine)

Action Spell - Discard

  1. [[main]]

  1. Search your discard pile for a card other than Encore and place it on the top or bottom of your draw pile. Draw 1 card.


  • I really like this card but none of my friends do? Is it a good card or a bad one?

  • It is a very good card. The worst it can be in nearly every instance is a slower version of Hidden Power.

  • Encore is as bad as the best card in your discard pile (i.e. not very). not always hidden power (but that is never a bad option), but it could be that summon shadow spirit you meditated off or the stormwind sniper you need to end the game.

  • Thanks! I can't wait to prove my friends wrong!

  • The only thing that one could consider to be bad about it is the opportunity cost.
    You need to play namine.
    If namine was terrible it would negatively effect this card.
    If there was a Phoenixborn that was better in every regard and has a good loyal card encore would pale in comparison.
    Depending on who you ask Jessa and Fear are just that (or not).

    The Encore has 2 parts that are good about it :

    • What already was said : Its essentially the best card in your discard pile (or deck if you meditate to search)
    • During deckbuilding you can save card slots and still have all the options you need in each match up.

    Say you have determined you need 3 copies of heal against some opponents and 3 copies of dispel against others. Instead of actually running 3 of each you can use 2 of each and 2 Encore. Encore will be that card you need it to be in the specific match, just 1 [[main]] slower. The advantage of this is that Encore is not just those 2 cards but can be any other card depending on board state.

    If matches are long and slow you can also just use it to play a card 6 times an opponent can only counter exactly 3 times.

    You can also meditate ready spells in round 1 after using them and get them back unexhausted if you think you need the tempo.

    There is also the very rarely used option to use encore to just draw a card.

    Encore is bad if you are low on lifepoints and need the card you would draw with it now instead of 1 [[main]] later. This becomes worse if you draw more than 1 copy.
    Something technical which is overlooked from time to time is that it does not put cards in your hand, but draws which means it does not trigger chained creations.