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Enchanted Violinist

Enchanted Violinist

Card text

Enchanted Violinist

Ally - Battlefield

  1. [[main]]
  2. 1 [[basic]]

  1. Song of Sorrow: After an opponent discards 1 or more cards from their draw pile, you may spend 1 [[basic]] to place 1 wound token on a target unit.
  • Attack 1
  • Life 2
  • Recover 0


  • The original rule book says that you discard cards one by one if you meditate.
    Does this activate Song of Sorrows multiple times for multiple cards?

  • Per the FAQ on p. 14, you discard any number of cards (step 1). Once you stop discarding, you trigger abilities that are triggered by discarding (step 1b; so you can only trigger Song of Sorrow once per meditation, regardless of how many cards the player meditates off their draw pile because it explicitly triggers on "1 or more" and you don't have a timing window to trigger after every successive discard).

  • thanks

  • On the Errata :
    Cost increased from
    [[main]] - 1[[basic]]

    Ability text :
    (Not reflected in the picture)
    "After a player discard 1 or more cards ..."
    changed to
    "After an opponent discards 1 or more cards ..."

    Reason : Card was too powerful (see offical reasoning here)