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Alteration Spell - Unit

  1. [[side]]
  2. 1 [[divine:class]]
  3. 1 [[basic]]

  1. When 1 or more exhaustion tokens are placed on this unit by the effect of a spell, ability, or dice power, you may move 1 of those exhaustion tokens onto this spell.
  2. Respark: 1 [[basic]]
  • Life +2
  • Recover +1


  • Remember that you can only trigger the ability when the exhaustion is placed by the effect of a spell or ability. If your unit exhausts because of attacking or countering, or by the cost of an ability, that's not enough.

    Useful ways you can trigger your own unit's Devotion include Beguile, Kneel, Meteor, focused Small Sacrifice, and Turtle Guard (placing the Cumbersome exhaustion on Devotion). Also, if a Polarity Mage uses Give to put Devotion on a unit when it comes into play, a Steadfast Guardian or Sleeping Bear can use Devotion to take the exhaustion tokens placed by their abilities.

  • Does an alteration spell still give the unit it's attached to life and attack if it's exhausted?

  • yes. only the card text is treated to be non existent and that text is defined as something different than bonus stats.