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Dark Presence

Dark Presence

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Dark Presence

Ready Spell - Spellboard

  1. [[main]]
  2. 1 [[sympathy:class]]

  1. All units you control now have the following ability:
  2. Fog of War: When this unit deals damage to an opponent's Phoenixborn, that opponent places the top card of their draw pile on the bottom of their draw pile. Then, that opponent discards the top card of their draw pile.
  3. Focus 1: [[main]] or [[side]]1 [[basic]][[exhaust]]: Place 1 exhaustion token on an unexhausted unit you control. That unit deals 1 damage to a Phoenixborn.
  4. Focus 2: You may remove 1 token from that unit.


  • Question: when any card refers to "token" is it refering to both "exhaustion tokens [[exhaust]]" or "status tokens" (for example in this card it says you may remove 1 token from that unit)

  • For both and even to wound tokens

  • Quick question from a new player while I wait for my ghost guardian deck to arrive in the mail, is the focus 2 a free action? or is it an extension of the focus 1?

  • It is not a free action. If it was you could use it endlessly as it would not have any cost which would also allow you to endlessly attack with your units.

    It is meant to be an expansion of the remaining text on the card that only applies if you have focus 2.
    The way it is phrased implies that it is practically an extension of focus 1.