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Crimson Bomber

Crimson Bomber

Card text

Crimson Bomber

Ally - Battlefield

  1. [[main]]
  2. 2 [[ceremonial:class]]

  1. Detonate 3: [[side]]: Destroy this unit to place 1 wound token on up to 3 target units.
  • Attack 3
  • Life 2
  • Recover 0


  • Don't know what to think about this unit, you can't self-explode him once his is exhausted right? In which situation is detonate 3 useful?

  • Detonate 3 is a lot better if you can gain something from your units dying and getting damaged.
    It fuels Chant of the Dead and triggers 'on damage' effects like Leech Warrior. You can also target your own Dread Wraith or Shining Hydra with the effect.
    It is also a way of activating Final Cry if your opponent does not do so.
    In a wired way it can protect it self from being eating by Silver Snakes but that is rarely a good play.

    Secondly there is the obvious role of killing multiple Units that have already taken maximum damage. That can be a huge tempo swing. You can also think of this as not needing [[natural:power]] for your deck.
    The cost a spell that deals 1 damage 2 times would probably between (1 class) or (1 class dice and 1 basic).
    For a slight cost increase this card has a second mode which is to play it as Unit with 3/2 stats.

    Crimson Bomber also is one of the very few units with more attack than life per dice. There are only 7 out of the ~44 Allies.
    Usually what you get for 2 dice is about 2/2/? or 2/3/?.
    In a way that is part of the cards uniqueness.

  • Wuau, súper nice analysis!

  • So it counts as 3 separate damages even if it targets the same one unit?

  • So it counts as 3 separate damages even if it targets the same one unit?

    No; it's max one damage to each of up to three separate units. If you have only one unit, then you only deal one damage.