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Chant Of Revenge

Chant Of Revenge

Card text

Chant Of Revenge

Ready Spell - Spellboard

  1. [[main]]
  2. 1 [[ceremonial:class]]

  1. Whenever a unit you control is destroyed, you may place 1 exhaustion token on this spell to deal 1 damage to a target unit or Phoenixborn.


  • I always knew that Chant of revenge is a good card because it gives you reach but i just realized that even the most specialized decks do not have counter play for this.

    Assuming mostly Phoenixborn damage :
    Even with Seal (which no one plays) you would on average just prevent 2 damage, which is about what Heal can do. Even it did prevent 3 on average the card is quite costly.
    Not killing the opponents Units and aiming for an alternate win condition is pointless because [[Ceremonial]] has many good cards that kill their own units.

    And the card is not even a slow play, because phoenix born damage is only relevant at the end of the game anyway - it usually triggers once per round and thats what matters.

    I don't want games to go on forever but if i had to nerf at least one card this one is definitely worth considering.
    In the spirit of Chant of the Dead it could only trigger of allies or it could cost [[ceremonial:class]][[basic]].
    The first change seems mild enough, the second might just make the card unplayable.
    I feel that at least the dark variant of sembali would have been interesting here. (Dark Veil would have allowed you to exhaust opponents ready spells.)

    Any opinions if this card is good or bad for the game as a whole ?