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Chained Creations

Chained Creations

Card text

Chained Creations

Ready Spell - Spellboard

  1. [[main]]
  2. [[side]]
  3. 1 [[illusion:class]]
  4. 1 [[divine:class]]

  1. When an ally is placed into your hand from your discard pile or from your battlefield, you may discard this card. If you do, remove a target conjuration from the game.
  2. Respark: 1 [[basic]] or 1 [[discard]]

Comments [p. 2]

  • Chained Creations does remove the target from play, just to clarify.
    But it is often too expansive to play.
    Shatter Pulse is already considered too expansive for competetive play and only costs 3 dice with a regularly occuring trigger.