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Cerasaurus Mount

Cerasaurus Mount

Card text

Cerasaurus Mount

Conjuration - Battlefield

  1. Overkill 1: When this unit destroys a unit an opponent controls by attacking, deal 1 damage to that opponent's Phoenixborn.
  2. Unsummon: [[main]]: Discard this unit.
  3. Dismount Rider: After this unit leaves play, choose a face down ally that was under this unit and dismount that ally.
  • Attack 3
  • Life 3
  • Recover 0
  • 3


  • What does "dismount that ally" mean?

  • when you place a mount onto the battlefield, you remove and ally from play, place it face down on your battlefield and then place the mount on top of that. when you use the dismount rider ability found on all mounts, you remove the mount from play and place the ally face up on your battlefield.

  • Specific rules for dismounting can be found on the Dismount reference card that is included with The King of Titans and The Ghost Guardian expansions.

    They're also available in the Ashes Rules Reference.