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Butterfly Monk

Butterfly Monk

Card text

Butterfly Monk

Conjuration - Battlefield

  1. Unit Guard: This unit may guard a unit that is being attacked.
  2. Last Blessing 1: When this unit is destroyed, remove 1 wound token from a target unit or Phoenixborn.
  3. X = the number of Summon Butterfly Monk spells on your spellboard.
  • Attack 1
  • Life X
  • Recover 1
  • 5


  • Does destroyed differ from removed from game?
    For example, if Sembali's Ban Manifestation ability is used and a Butterfly Monk is removed from the game, does Last Blessing kick in or not?

  • Does destroyed differ from removed from game?

    Yes, "destroyed", "discarded", "removed from game", and "leaves play" are all different, and Last Blessing only triggers when the card is "destroyed".

    So far as I'm aware, the possible flows are:

    • Destroyed => Discarded => Leaves play (something that gets destroyed--whether via damage or card effect--always gets discarded, which results in it leaving play)
    • Remove from game => Leaves play (when a card is removed from the game, it leaves play but is not destroyed or discarded)