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Battle Seer

Battle Seer

Card text

Battle Seer

Ally - Battlefield

  1. [[main]]
  2. 1 [[illusion:power]]
  3. 1 [[sympathy:class]]
  4. 1 [[basic]]

  1. Battle Trance: When this unit is declared as an attacker or leaves play, you may draw 1 card.
  • Attack 3
  • Life 3
  • Recover 1


  • if this card is exhausted does it`s effect activate when it leaves play?

  • Nope. Battle Trance is not inexhaustible, so when Battle Seer is exhausted, the ability is treated as blank.

    It should be noted that if it gets in a fight and dies, it will leave play before it gets exhausted from attacking/countering.

  • is this card strong? I feel like Celestial Knight is way stronger, and they cost is nearly same - Celestial Knight cost 1 power and 2 class while Battle Seer costs 1 power 1class and 1 basic

  • Battle Seer is situationally useful. It's not really comparable to Celestial Knight because it's serving a different niche (and Celestial Knight is also highly situational).

    Like a lot of Sympathy cards, Battle Seer is best when combo-ed with something (like River Skald or Squall Stallion).

    As far as cost parity goes, 1 [[basic]] is a lot cheaper than 1 class die. Say you have 5 [[divine]] dice; you have 10 dice that can pay for 1 [[basic]], and a 66% chance for each of those 5 [[divine]] dice to be spendable on a class symbol (50% class, 16% power). So that's about even odds that you'll get 3 dice you can spend per turn on that specific class symbol.

  • To begin with, I agree with everything skaak#1st! has said.

    however, I do think that battle seer is a little underwhelming for its cost. at the cost of a power, class and basic, it joins the ranks what I like to call the power allies (hammer knight, river skald, beast tamer, grave knight, pain shaman, hunt master and sonic swordsman). if you look at all of these allies, their stat totals all fall around the 8 mark, with a couple of exceptions, but these exceptions are 'reasonable'. The sonic swordsman has two 'good' abilities, and the hunt master makes up for its lack of stats by summoning the needed ones in a panther spirit.

    Battle seer, however, doesn't make up for its lost stats. it doesn't get an additional ability, and it doesn't bring another body onto the field. As skaak#1st! has already said, it needs to be comb-ed with other cards. However, this holds true for all the other [[sympathy:power]] power allies, as they all should be used in conjunction with other cards for their full effect, which would imply that synergy (or just straight up card draw) is a theme of sympathy.