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Ready Spell - Spellboard

  1. [[main]]
  2. 1 [[sympathy:class]]

  1. When this spell comes into play, place 3 status tokens on it. Discard this card when it no longer has any status tokens on it.
  2. [[side]][[exhaust]]1 [[basic]]: Search your draw pile for 1 card with a magic play cost of X, reveal it, and place it into your hand. Shuffle your draw pile. Remove 1 status token from this spell.
  3. X = the number of status tokens on this spell.
  4. Bound: This card cannot be discarded from your spellboard when you Meditate.


  • What exactly is the point of this card? It's awfully narrow...

  • It's a temporal ready spell:

    1. You play it ([[sympathy:class]]) -> it has 3 tokens.
    2. First use, ([[basic]]) you look for any card of your draw pile that has a total cost of 3 dices and place that card in your hand -> 2 tokens left
    3. Second use, ([[basic]]), you look for any card of your draw pile that has a total cost of 2 dices... -> 1 token left
    4. Last use, ([[basic]]), look for any card that cost 1 dice.... -> discard this card from your Spellboard

  • Yeah... I read it. But it's not very useful, and oddly specific.

  • Sorry, not native english speaker I thought your were asking for another thing.

    But it's not very useful, and oddly specific.

    Still havn't tried it, BUT, I expect it to be strong for decks that trust in focuseable SpellBoards. In my first five I'd include it and the first copies of those SpellBoards, then I assure I'm going to focus them... the fact that in the end it won't occupy a space for my spell limit is a plus I guess.

    For instance: in my opinion, Small Sacrifice "normal" effect is meh, but I do like it's "focused" effect

  • The real downside of this spell, IMO, is that you have to retrieve a card that costs exactly 3, and then one that costs exactly 2, and finally one that costs exactly 1...all across 3 rounds. Plus it takes up a spellboard slot the whole time, and eats your dice as you work through it (which effectively raises the cost of the card you are fetching by 1 [[basic]]). That's...pretty bad, actually, particularly considering that cards that cost 3 are usually the exception rather than the rule (cards that cost 2 are the most common). Additionally:

    • Augury only really makes sense in your First Five, since you need to use it at least twice to get even close to depreciating the cost of playing it to a worthwhile extent, except it's far more efficient if you need a card that costs 3 in your first hand to just take the card because odds are good if you're spending 5 dice on a 3 cost card in your FF you will be playing virtually nothing else that round (at best you've got 1-2 dead cards in your FF).
    • It's Bound, which means you must spend 4 dice across 3 rounds in order to clear the darn thing off your spellboard. So if you play it, you have to be sure you're going to actually use it every round (and that nothing else would fill that spellboard slot more efficiently).
    • You can't actually fetch things like Small Sacrifice, because Small Sacrifice has a magic cost of 0.

    Personally, I doubt I will be using Augury any time soon. It's just too expensive and inflexible.

  • Yeah... And games of Ashes are short enough/decks are small enough that you really don't need to plan and execute an exact draw order like this. By the third round, you can already have half your deck. It's certainly not worth paying dice for.

  • I think the intention of the card is to be able to draw and then hold cards instead of trying to play your hand every turn.
    So if you hold 5 situational cards you can still search for an ally and play it.
    At least that is the scenario where the card is at its strongest.

  • This along with figures in the fog are two cards that boggles me of why they are printed. The only potential use I see here round 1 is you can use it with resonance to get something to focus two without needing charm. Round 2, it can be use on either a clutch kneel, meteor or even seal. Round 3, you can use it for anchornaut for a quick but inefficient 1 damage, a nature's wraith vs a bunch of 1 lifers heal/CoP for a clutch comeback, maybe a mind probe to remove a IC when the abundance IC is ramping up.

    I wish you could fetch a card what is equal or less that the magic cost that is not a ready spell.

  • The only potential use I see here round 1 is you can use it with resonance to get something to focus two without needing charm

    That's an interesting idea I hadn't thought about. I wonder if it would be worth rushing for a Nightmare Mount that way (although it's awfully expensive; 5 dice spent to get Summon Ghostly Mount down and double focused, 2 additional dice for the mount, and 1+ dice for an ally to mount up).

  • Or you can play this card in a deck with Koji Wolfcub and/or Transfer and increase the number of status tokens to tutor cards with a 4+ play cost. But they are too few to find some great interest in playing Augury as of now.