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Ancestral Army

Ancestral Army

Card text

Ancestral Army (Rimea)

Ally - Battlefield

  1. [[main]]
  2. 3 [[basic]]

  1. Dauntless: If this unit receives damage in battle, remove 1 exhaustion token from this unit at the end of that battle.
  2. Inviolable: This unit cannot be targeted by a spell or have alteration spells attached to it.
  • Attack 3
  • Life 3
  • Recover 0


  • How does this interact with Redirect?
    Redirect says i may play it if i have at least 1 unit in play but does not test if the unit can be a target of the effect.
    If i only have Ancestral Army in play and play Redirect, i can't perform the 'instead deal that damage to a target Unit' part but i can do the 'do not deal that damage to your Phoenixborn part.
    Is Redirect a free Heal at that point ?

    (This does not work if you have other Units in play that can be targeted by redirect.)

  • No. You must declare targets before resolving a cards effect. So in this case, ancestral army would be declared as a target before redirect does its thing. Since AA cannot be targeted, it is not a valid target. However, skaak#1sst if you read this, I would be interested to hear how raven rules deal with this.

  • Huh, that's an interesting question. I think technically in Raven Rules you would indeed dodge the damage completely, since "don't deal this damage to your Phoenixborn" is very clearly a separate clause that doesn't depend on "Instead deal that damage to a target unit" so the targeting restriction wouldn't kill the effect until after the damage was prevented.

    That's a little weird, admittedly, but I'm not sure if it warrants a revision to Raven Rules (particularly since Ancestral Army kind of sucks anyway).

  • What are theese raven rules?

  • Raven Rules are a drop-in replacement for the official FAQ (but remain 100% compatible with the core rulebook), which fix a bunch of my long-standing annoyances with the Ashes ruleset. You can download them here:

    If you try them out, I'd love to hear any feedback you have!

  • Thank you very much. Unfortunatelly I am big fan of this game but to find someone to play with is almost impossible for me. But if I do get occasion i will inform you immediatelly.

  • thanks!