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  • Ashes is Not Dead - A Community Continuation

    Introducing the people behind the (Time) magic!

  • Announcing Project Phoenix

    Project Phoenix is a collaboration of Ashes fans working to continue development of this wonderful game.

  • Raven Rules update: v1.1 ("The errata update") 3

    I've bumped Raven Rules (PDF) to v1.1 with the following changes:

    Anchornaut and Chant of the Dead errata removed. I originally changed these cards to behave the way Mark of the Red Flower worked in the original Plaid Hat rulings. However, some players pointed out that the MotRF ruling made no sense. As a result, I've removed these errata and added the following rule in order to ensure these cards adhere closer to the "cards as written" principle that guides the rest of Raven Rules:

    Raven Rules v1.1, p. 8
    An effect without a triggering condition or Main or Side action cost can only be activated before or after a core framework event.

    Raven Rules v1.1, p. 12
    Core framework event: any top-level bulleted or numbered game step in the core rulebook:

    • Prepare Phase: Roll Dice; Discard Cards; Draw Cards
    • Player Turns Phase: Pay a cost; Attack a Phoenixborn; Attack a Unit; Pass; Pay a cost; Meditate; Activate Dice Power Ability
    • Attack actions (Player Turns Phase): Declare Attackers; Choose Target; Declare Blockers or Declare a Guard; Resolve Damage
    • Recovery Phase: Recover; Remove Exhaustion; Exhaust Dice; Pass First Player Token

    This means Anchornaut and Chant of the Dead are slightly nerfed in order to maintain consistent effect resolution, while Mark of the Red Flower is buffed (because you can now use it mid-combat; Silver Snake shenanigans are back on the menu, boys!).

    Removed Sun Sister errata. Raven Rules explicitly make an exception that allow "discard" and "leaves play" triggers to resolve when the card they are on has left play, so this official errata is no longer necessary (plus it was kind of pointless anyway, because there are several cards using similar templating that didn't get errata from Plaid Hat).

    Added explicit errata for Golden Veil, Vanish, Angelic Rescue, Veil of Reversal, and Summon Majestic Titan. This is the same as the previous version, except instead of bulk errata I've applied it to specific cards.

    If you re-download Raven Rules, make sure to check the version number (should be v1.1); I've cleared the server caches, but browsers still sometimes like to cache this sort of file.

  • Sembali Grimtongue Ban Manifestation 2

    Can Sembalis Phoenixborn ability (Ban Manifestations) remove dark transformation in Harold Westraven's deck or does it not apply because it is a conjured alteration spell and not a unit?

  • Ashes is Not Dead - A Community Continuation 2

    Hello fellow ashes enthusiast. I am pleased to bring you some good news. Several of the other top players in the ashes community have been working hard in designing and playtesting new decks with a new magic type, Time Magic. The first two decks we are releasing were designed by two former GenCon winners who have a strong pedigree of competitive play. These will be previewed in the coming weeks but I want to give you a small snippet of what we have.

    Matt Bauers, the winner of GenCon 2016 and one of the former voices of the main action podcast, has designed a deck that is Charm/Time. Tolliver the Child King established his prosperous kingdom centuries ago, using his magic to retain his youth. Though his power and influence grew, his capacity for empathy did not, his powers leaving him in a state of selfish narcissism. He now seeks only to spend his time in frivolous pursuits, while his kingdom falls slowly into ruin. Tolliver brings some new mill and time concepts to the table. Tolliver has a unique ability to leverage more main actions than any other Phoenixborn in Argaia.
    The companion deck is mono-time. This one was designed by me, Carl Burns (Diaz) the 2018 Friday GenCon winner. Jill Traversack is the Phoenixborn of the Cradlewreath village, the home of the largest museum in Argaia. Jill has collected items from ancient pages of spell books to large hammers used in the chimera war. Jill’s ability leverages the use of one of the weakest aspects of ashes competitive meta, offensive alterations. Will this make her or alterations competitive?

    It may sound like a bit of a brag here pointing out Matt’s and my own victories at Gencon but that is not the intent. Rather, I want to stress the competitive history of the design team to show you all that this endeavor is going to feel official and not “customy.” I also want to point out that our two lead playtesters, Adam Tarr and Brian Broughman, have plenty of experience in competitive ashes events (and in Adam’s case experience playtesting earlier Ashes decks). While I have focused on the competitive scene, we have also had many playtesters print the two decks out and test them as precons against other precons. These decks are balanced for pre-constructed play as all the previous decks were. So if you are more accustomed to digging into the precons before you deck build or if you never deck build at all, don’t fear these decks are for you as well. Shout out to Yannick, Liam and Angus for doing that.

    Lastly, the art and graphic design has been done by Andrew DiLullo. I am very confident that you all will be impressed with the work that he has done. I personally can’t wait to show these off to you in a PHG preview style. Be sure to keep an eye out for these!

  • Announcing Project Phoenix 5

    Plaid Hat Games ceased development of Ashes in April 2019. But the Phoenix will not be denied. Project Phoenix is a collaboration of Ashes fans working together to continue development on this wonderful game.

    Learn more here, and keep an eye on the new Project Phoenix forum for previews of upcoming cards and more!

  • my rankings of the card pools 2

    Hello everyone. With the release of Fiona and James, we have completed this cycle of Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn (and sadly, I have now found out, Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn is now just done ☹), and the various card pool are now complete. with that fact in mind, I decided I would give my rankings to all the cards pool in a very similar fashion to albino_penguin#09hg’s article here. all originality goes to him for this post, I’m just jumping on the band wagon (if you can even call it that). I also decided to have the self-imposed rule that no two card pools can have the same score.

    The way I decided what cards belonged in what pool was using the card browsing feature on so cards with alternate costs (like raptor herder) will be listed twice (in this case, sympathy and nature) but cards like hunt master (costing nature AND sympathy) won’t appear at all (however, if people want me to I can do a write up of all the cards I didn’t talk about in this post). I want to note that everything in this post is entirely my opinion, and I am open to discussions in the comments (half the reason I am making his post). I do not claim all knowingness or a perfect knowledge of the game.

    If you notice any formatting errors, please let me know so I can fix them (i.e. if I misspelt raptor herder as rapter herder which would mean the hyperlink wouldn’t work)

    Also haven’t been playing the game nearly as long as a lot of people, so any references I make about the past state of the game comes entirely from articles on the strange copy website and from conversations with people a lot more experienced than I am (essentially, I’m giving myself a get out of jail free card here).

    Also also, I have used some ashes vernacular in this post which assumes you have a basic knowledge of some of the more meta defining decks and other ideas in ashes. If you don’t understand anything, ask in the comments. I’m sure either myself or someone else would be happy to answer your query.
    One last thing (I promise), come join the slack channel! A lot of my thoughts were heavily influenced by the conversations had on there, and I wouldn’t have been able to make this without them.

    That being said, lets start making arguments! :D

    sympathy card pool
    sympathy pre-constructed decks: namine hymntide, echo greystorm, koji wolfcub, Harold westraven, rimea careworn and Fiona mercywind
    beast mage
    beast warrior
    essence druid
    Flute mage
    jungle warrior
    polarity mage
    raptor herder
    river skald
    string mage
    action spells
    new ideas
    seeds of aggression
    shared sorrow
    transmute magic
    reaction spells
    shatter pulse
    alteration spells
    mark of the red flower
    ready spells
    changing winds
    dark presence
    drain vitality
    gravity training
    guilt link
    hex bane
    join the hunt
    magic syphon
    summon spells
    summon mirror spirit (mirror spirit)
    summon nightsong cricket (nightsong cricket)
    summon salamander monk (salamander monk, salamander monk spirit)
    summon squall stallion (squall stallion)

    My thoughts: the sympathy magic is very similar to charm. Both are much more passive styles that aim for a battlefield advantage. Fiona is particularly good at this (no surprises), with cards like summon nightsong cricket being a perfect example. Gain one advantage (either card draw or (more often) an unexhausted ready spell) and, with a small cost, gain another advantage (a new ready spell). Its these small interactions that sympathy is all about. I rank the dice power fifth.

    divine card pool
    divine pre-constructed decks: Odette diamondcrest, echo greystorm, astrea, sembali grimtongue, xander heartsblood and james endersight.
    celestial knight
    holy knight
    immortal commander
    polarity mage
    shepherd of lost souls
    shield mage
    sun sister
    action spells
    rally the troops
    reaction spells
    divine is the only card pool that doesn’t have any reaction spells.
    Alteration spells
    holy relics
    power through
    ready spells
    gravity training
    law of assurance
    law of banishment
    law of domination
    law of fear
    law of repentance
    law of sight
    royal charm
    sacred ground
    summon spells
    summon admonisher (admonisher)
    summon emperor lion (emperor lion)
    summon light bringer (light bringer, infatuated)
    summon winged lioness (winged lioness)
    My thoughts: the divine cards are very much a tempo/agro lot. Cards like shield mage, immortal commander and the emperor lions healing aura all make your holy knight a lot more menacing. The divine cards also lay down the law (see what I did there?) and limit your opponent’s options in a very different way to illusion. While illusion magic takes away resources, the divine cards simply force you opponent to spend those resources in ways that they don’t want. ‘You wish to feed your hungry wolves with my lions? My apologies, but I shall write a law, assuring me that I will be able to use all of my dice.’ Holy knight is still a good wincon, and one punch decks in particular can be devastating if your opponent isn’t expecting it. Dice power is terrible though, I rank it sixth.

    charm cards
    charm pre-constructed decks: jessa na ni, maeoni viper, saria guideman, leo sunshadow, astrea and Fiona mercywind.
    beast tamer
    imperial ninja
    action spells
    change psyche
    mind probe
    open memories
    seeds of aggression
    reaction spells
    call to action
    cognitive dissonance
    sympathy pain
    alteration spells
    undying heart
    ready spells
    confusion spores
    memory theft
    royal charm
    summon spells
    summon majestic titan (majestic titan)
    summon mind fog owl (mind fog owl)
    summon nightshade swallow (nightshade swallow)
    summon orchid dove (orchid dove)
    summon three eyed owl (three eyed owl)
    summon weeping spirit (weeping spirit)
    My thoughts: I will be honest, I don’t tend to use charm that much. I am a very agro player, and charm has a very slow and controlled style. However, I have been smacked about the head with a few control decks, so I like to think I have some idea about what I’m talking about. Generally slowing the game down and prioritizing control seems to be the way to play charm. The wincon I tend to see is mill, especially with the introduction of cognitive dissonance. However, I think it is worth noting that I most often see charm as support in decks, not as the primary colour. The die power comes in fourth in my rankings.


    Ceremonial cards
    Ceremonial pre-constructed decks: coal roarkwin, jessa na ni, noah redmoon, brennan blackcloud, Harold westraven and james endersight.
    crimson bomber
    fire archer
    leech warrior
    psychic vampire
    rising horde (fallen)
    action spells
    blood chains
    bound soul
    dark reaping
    reclaim soul
    reaction spells
    adrenaline rush
    final cry
    summon sleeping widows (sleeping widow)
    alteration spells
    bring forth
    ready spells
    chant of revenge
    chant of the dead
    cut the strings
    drain vitality
    expand energy
    small sacrifice
    summon spells
    summon blood puppet (blood puppet)
    summon dread wreath (dread wraith)
    summon fallen (fallen)

    My thoughts: Ok, I admit. Ceremonial is my favourite card pool. Brenan was the first phoenixborn I played, and the first one I took to a tournament (never mind I finished dead last). This card pool has a lot of synergy. It mostly just boils down to ‘destroy unit. Trigger a load of damage. Get some dice. Shut down opponents’ units. Get some more units for yourself. Win the game.’ This has always been one of the most aggressive card pools out there, and the expansions have only strengthened that position. They tend to be very quick in the first round or two of the game and then slow down and burn the final points of damage to win the game. the dice power comes third in my rankings.

    illusion card pool
    illusion pre-constructed decks: aradel summerguard, noah redmoon, saria guideman, Victoria glassfire, sembali grimtongue and rimea careworn.
    flash archer
    rose fire dancer
    shadow guard
    action spells
    hidden power
    sleight of hand
    steady gaze
    strange copy
    summon spectral assassin (spectral assassin))
    reaction spells angelic rescue
    figures in the fog
    shadow counter
    alteration spells
    body inversion
    fade away
    reflections in the water
    ready spells
    gates thrown open
    secret door
    shifting mist
    to shadows
    summon spells
    summon ancestor spirit (ancestor spirit)
    summon false demon (false demon)
    summon mist spirit (mist spirit)
    summon shadow hound (shadow hound)
    summon shadow spirit (shadow spirit)

    my thoughts: ah illusion. The dice everyone loves to hate (only when facing though). The illusion card pool has always had a strong showing, and Vicky absolutely dominated the meta for a while. Some highlights from here includes shadow spirits and hidden power. Another control card pool, it also has a heavy focus on powerful things that are easily interrupted (the illusion ability anyone?). this card pool is possible the one that is most all over the place when it comes to power levels, having cards like hidden power, but also having cards like figures in the fog. Die power is first in my rankings.

    natural card pool
    natural pre-constructed decks: aradel summerguard, coal roarkwin, maeoni viper, rin northfell, koji wolcub and xander heartsblood
    frost fang
    raptor herder
    sleeping bear
    action spells
    freezing blast
    molten gold
    natures wrath
    reaction spells
    ice trap
    alteration spells
    crystal shield
    deep freeze
    frozen crown
    mark of the red flower
    massive growth
    root armour
    spiked armour
    ready spells
    frost bite
    summon spells
    summon biter (biter)
    summon butterfly monk (butterfly monk)
    summon frostback bear (frostback bear)
    summon ice golem (ice golom)
    summon iron rhino (ice golom)

    My thoughts: when it comes to raw power, you can’t beat natural magic. frostback bears and ice trap were meta shifting and butterfly monks have had a good showing since release. Not particularly subtle, but who needs a scalpel when you can throw a bear on a dinosaur at someone? Nature magic tends to just steam roll (as shown off in BDR), and when steam rolling isn’t quite good enough to finish the game, molten gold has been a favoured finishing card for many decks. It still has the award for most alterations no one wants to use. I would rank the die power second.

    and, just for funsies, I decided to put all of the colourless cards together and give my judgment on them.

    Basic Card Pool
    Basic pre constructed deck: Jericho kill

    battle mage
    elephant rider
    enchanted violinist
    iron worker
    spear master
    temple elder

    Action spells:
    call upon the realms
    hand tricks
    Mass heal

    Reaction spells:
    particle shield

    Alteration spells
    There aren’t any (non-loyal) alterations that cost basics.
    Ready spells:
    Chant of protection
    Magic purity

    Summon spells
    summon lucky rabbit (lucky rabbit)
    summon turtle guard (turtle guard)

    My thoughts: the basic card pool is interesting, in that all of these cards can be used in any deck. This can be both a blessing and a curse. They are great because I love anchornauts (as many people do), but they can also feel slightly over costed (as in number of dice) because of how versatile they can be. That being said, cards like particle shield, turtle guards and elephant riders are still very influential in the meta. I hate the dice power though :p

    And that is my thoughts, feelings and beliefs on all of the officially supported cards in Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. If you are still reading this, a. what on earth are you doing? The torture is over, you can stop now, but b. thank you for sticking with it until the end. I hope you at least found it mildly interesting! Looking forward to a whole lotta discussion (I hope!)

  • Community Errata / Balance changes 9

    Hello everyone,
    i wanted to motivate some Community made balance changes so here are the changes we discussed in our playgroup, some of them tested, some of them not.
    Obviously not all of them have been tested with each other.
    Tested does not mean 'good' or 'bad' it literally is just the opposite of 'untested'.
    Those changes mostly worked okay.

    You are invited to post your opinion.

    Chant of Revenge - only triggers when a unit is destroyed by an opponent.
    Turtle Guard - Recovery reduced to 1
    Elephant Rider - Recovery reduced to 2, Life reduced to 5, can not be the target of a spell with 'mount' in the title.
    Beast Mage Recovery increased to 2, Life increased to 3.
    Frozen Crown - Cost reduced to 1[[natural:class]]
    Crystal Shield - Cost reduced to 1[[natural:class]]
    Holy Relics - Added Respark : 1 [[basic]] or 1 [[discard]]
    Undying Heart - Respark costs reduced to 0 [[basic]] for lack of a better term
    Bring Forth - costs reduced to 1[[ceremonial:class]]1[[basic]], Respark : changed to 1[[basic]]
    Deep Freeze - now places 5 status tokens on itself.
    Freezing Blast - costs reduced to 1[[natural:class]] 1[[basic]], may pay an additional [[basic]] to deal 3 damage instead, no more status token removal.
    To Shadows - Playcost is now 1 [[illusion:class]], activation only costs [[side]]
    Figures in the Fog - also can be used on defense.You may take an exhausted [[illusion]] die back (from your exhausted ..) on a side of your choice.
    Hidden Power - Cost increased to [[main]] [[side]]1[[illusion:class]]
    Empower - cost changed to 1[[natural:class]] 1[[basic]]
    Prepare - Added Focus 2 : Prepare does not use a Spellboard slot (this one works really well)
    Odette Diamondcrest - Changed ability to [..] may place 2 wounds. Increased Life to 19.
    Maeoni Viper - now has 5 spellboard

    Untested changes

    Hunt Master Life increased to 4
    Light Swordsman Added 'After this enters the Battlefield, draw a Card then Put a Card from your Hand on the top or bottom of your draw pile'
    Flash Archer - costs reduced to 2[[illusion:class]] 1[[basic]]
    Turtle Guard - Instead of the Above change Ability to 'When this takes damage, place an exhaustion token on it'
    Hidden Power - Instead of the above add "Can only be played when your Phoenixborn is unexhausted. Exhaust your phoenixborn"
    Dark Reaping - Also exhaust your Phoenixborn as with Hidden Power.
    Chant of Revenge - instead of the above, change costs to 1[[ceremonial:class]] 1[[basic]]
    Summon Blood Puppet - Added Focus 2 : May change activation cost to [[side]] 1 [[ceremonial:Power]]
    Brennen Blackcloud - ability now costs 1[[ceremonial:class]].
    Summon Steadfast Guardian - costs changed from 1[[divine:class]] 1[[charm:class]] to 2[[basic]] but can only be used if you have a [[divine:class]] AND [[charm:class]] in your pool.
    Sleight of Hand - Costs changed to 1[[illusion:class]] 1[[Discard]].
    Transfer - Cost changed to [[side]] 1[[charm:class]]1[[basic]]
    Golden Veil - Added : You may shuffle Golden Veil into your draw pile.
    Summon Ice Golem - Playcost increased : 1[[natural:class]] ,Activation Cost reduced to 1[[natural:class]] 1[[basic]] (probably too much with all the cost reduction for Attachments)
    Summon Iron Rhino - Activation cost changed to 1[[natural:class]] 4 [[basic]]
    Holy Knight - Added Ability : (unexh.) Purity - can only gain Abilities that are not unexhaustable.
    Augury - Playcost increased to 1[[Sympathy:class]]1[[basic]], activation cost is now [[side]], can search for Cards of Playcost between 1 and X.

  • Ashes 500 for everyone (and view decks by card)! 4

    The entire published card pool now has a value for those of you who enjoy the alternative deck construction format Ashes 500!

    For those of you new to the format, all rules are the same except that each card has a point value associated with it, and the total value for your deck must be 500 points or less. The Ashes 500 format is explicitly designed to discourage popular meta-dominant decks, and encourage creative deck-building by making otherwise-underused cards relevant.

    You can enable Ashes 500 for your deck by clicking the "Meta" tab in the deck-builder, then clicking "Enable Ashes 500". Remember to save your deck after doing this if you want it to persist, or you can just toggle it on and off if you want a feeling for how overpowered the Ashes 500 format thinks your deck is. ;-)

    View decks that use a particular card!

    Additionally, you can now view recent published decks for any given card on the card detail page. For instance, ever wondered how the heck people are even using Exhortation? Well, click that link and see for yourself!

  • Meta and tips 7

    New player here. Just wanna know what is the favourite meta for constructed decks. I dont like the idea of certain cards being the hot favourite due to their meta tactics.

    I like the idea of Ashes 500, as it's supposed to give penalty points for cheap OP combinations, but my friend went and construct this deck.

    Lulu Firststone 499/500 with 27 cards
    5 [[ceremonial]] 5 [[illusion]]

    Phoenix Barrage
    Shifting Mist
    Stormwind Sniper
    Bound Soul
    Hidden Power
    Final Cry
    Expand Energy
    Fire Archer

    Plainly direct damage to Phoenixborn.

    Is this considered OP? How would i counter this with low HP Phoenixborn? Very curious on the community response.

  • How long for reprints? 4

    I can snap up what my local store has, but I won't be able to for a bit - that'll total around 90 for what's in stock, but that's not everything. Do we have any idea of when the cutoff time will be? Also, is there any chance to get hands on Lulu and Orrick? Or are we limited to literally printing them out?

  • Do the reprints include the errata 0

    In the "Ashes is a finished product now" post from plaidhat they mentioned a reprint of the base game.
    Has anyone bought said reprint and can confirm that they do included the enchanted violinist errata (and the others) ?

  • No more Decks 5

    Just in case you did not hear it already :
    Plaidhat just stated that consider ashes a finished product with no more content to come.

    Offical Post

    We do not have much details on this, but the way it is written suggest that there might be some news on the game in the future but nothing essential. So maybe an FAQ but nothing certain.

  • Expansions 2

    When do the Grave King and Protector of Argaia expansion decks get released? I see you can preorder on Plaid Hat's website, but didn't see a date.

  • Plutarch Eastgate - Adam's Custom Deck 0

    Plutarch Eastgate

    Death Link: After any player’s turn, if a unit was destroyed on that turn, you may place an exhaustion token on any unexhausted card you control. If you do, you may place a status token on any card you control.

    Battlefield 6 Life 20 Spellboard 3

    Extend Animation (unique spell)
    Ready Spell - Spellboard

    When a destroyed unit with no inexhaustible abilities would leave play, you may target that unit, spend a ceremonial class and a basic, and place 1 exhaustion token on this card. If you do, remove all tokens from the targeted unit and place it on your battlefield with a Animated conjured alteration attached to it.

    Animated [5]
    Conjured Alteration Spell - Unit

    As long as this spell is attached to this unit it is considered to have no abilities on its card.

    If this alteration would be removed from this unit, discard this card and destroy the attached unit.

    Recover -3

    Summon Necromantic Abomination
    Ready Spell - Spellboard
    Main Action+Basic

    Whenever an ally is destroyed as a result of a spell, attack, counter, ability, or dice power you control, you may place 1 status token on this card.

    Main Action+Exhaustion+Ceremonial Class+Time Class+Basic : Remove X status tokens from this card. Place a Necromantic Abomination conjuration onto your battlefield with X status tokens on it.

    Necromantic Abomination [2]
    Conjuration - Battlefield

    Unnatural : Alteration spells cannot be attached to this unit.

    Terrifying 1: This unit cannot be blocked or guarded against by units with an attack value of 1 or less.

    [Inexhaustible] X = the number of status tokens on this unit.

    Attack X Life X Recover 0

    Summon Reaper Mount
    Ready Spell - Spellboard
    Main Action+Basic

    Side+Exhaustion+Ceremonial Class+Time Class : Remove an unexhausted ally you control from play. If you do, place a Reaper Mount conjuration onto your battlefield and place that ally face down under that unit.

    Reaper Mount [2]
    Conjuration - Battlefield

    Deathstrike: When this unit deals 1 or more damage to a unit it is attacking or countering, destroy that unit.

    [Inexhaustible] Unsummon: :ma: : Discard this unit.

    [Inexhaustible] Dismount Rider: After this unit leaves play, choose a face down ally that was under this unit and dismount that ally.

    Attack 3 Life 3 Recover 0

    Cheat Death
    Reaction Spell - Discard
    Time Class

    You may play this spell when a unit would be removed from the game. Discard that unit instead of removing it from the game. Draw 1 card.a

    The Reaper’s Rescue
    Reaction Spell - Discard
    Ceremonial Class

    You may play this spell when an opponent would use a spell, ability, or dice power that targets a unit you control. Draw 1 card. Select 1 die in your exhausted pool, re-roll it, and place it into your active pool. Destroy the targeted unit. If you do, cancel the effects of that spell, ability, or dice power.

    Temporal Knight
    Ally - Battlefield
    Main Action+Time Power+Ceremonial Class+Basic

    Dauntless: If this unit receives damage in battle, remove 1 exhaustion token from this unit at the end of that battle.

    Attack 3 Life 4 Recover 2

    Ally - Battlefield
    Main Action+Time Class

    Erase from Existence: Main Action+Exhaustion : Place 1 wound on a target unit. Place 1 wound on a target Phoenixborn. Destroy this unit and remove it from the game.

    Attack 0 Life 1 Recover 1

    Ally - Battlefield
    Main Action+Time Class+Ceremonial Class

    When this unit would leave play, you may search your draw pile for an ally with a title other than this unit's title, reveal it, and place it into your hand. Shuffle your draw pile.

    Attack 2 Life 2 Recover 1

    Corpse Cart
    Ally - Battlefield
    Main Action+Ceremonial Class+2 Basic

    [Inexhaustible] Resourceful 1: When this unit comes into play, place 1 status token on this unit. At the beginning of the player turns phase, place 1 status token on this unit.

    Not Quite Dead: When a target ally would be destroyed, you may remove a status token from this card. If you do, place that ally face-down under this card instead of destroying it.

    Icy Hand of Death: Side Action : Choose 1 face down ally under this unit and destroy it. You are considered in control of this ally while it is destroyed.

    Attack 1 Life 3 Recover 2

    Life Drain
    Alteration Spell - Unit
    Main Action+Ceremonial Class+Basic

    At the end of your turn, if you did not pass, place a wound on this unit and choose an opponent. That opponent may remove a wound from a unit they control.

    [Inexhaustible] Respark: 1 Basic

  • Beatrix Southmoor - Adam's Custom Deck 1

    Beatrix Southmoor

    Shift: Side Action+Exhaustion+Basic : Move 1 status token from a target player’s unit to another unit that player controls. Select a die in your exhausted pool and place it into your active pool on a side of your choice.

    Battlefield 7 Life 15 Spellboard 5

    Summon Immortal Spirit (unique spell)
    Ready Spell - Spellboard
    Main Action

    [Inexhaustible] Focus 1: After a player has declared attackers, you may may place 1 exhaustion token on this spell and remove a status token from an Immortal Spirit you control. If you do, for the remainder of this turn, that Immortal Spirit gains the following ability:

    [Inexhaustible] Immortal Replacement: If this unit is destroyed in battle, place an Immortal Spirit conjuration on your battlefield.

    [Inexhaustible] Focus 2: You may then remove 1 exhaustion token from this spell.

    Main Action+Exhaustion+2 Basic: Place an Immortal Spirit conjuration onto your battlefield. Place a status token on an Immortal Spirit you control.

    Immortal Spirit [6]
    Conjuration - Battlefield
    Attack 2 Life 2 Recover 0

    Summon Time Slip Shade
    Ready Spell - Spellboard
    Main Action+Time Class

    Main Action+Exhaustion+Illusion Class+Basic : Place a Time Slip Shade onto your battlefield.

    Focus 2: Place a status token on a time Slip Shade you control.

    Time Slip Shade [6]
    Conjuration - Battlefield

    Rewind: When this unit would receive damage, you may remove all status tokens from this unit. If you remove at least 1 status token, prevent that damage.

    [Inexhaustible] Illusion: If this unit receives damage as a result of a unit’s attack or counter, destroy this unit.
    Attack 2 Life 2 Recover 0

    Change Fate
    Ready Spell - Spellboard
    Main Action+Time Power

    Main Action+Exhaustion : Choose a target player to draw a card, then look at that player's hand and choose a card in that hand. That player must reveal 1 card from their hand and shuffle it into their draw pile, if possible. If they do not choose the same card you chose, place 1 wound token on their Phoenixborn.

    Hall of Mirrors
    Ready Spell - Spellboard
    Main Action+Illusion Class

    Before a target opponent chooses a target unit to attack, you may place an exhaustion token on this spell to choose a unit you control. The attacking player must target the chosen unit for the attack.

    Time Skip
    Ready Spell - Spellboard
    Main Action+Time Power
    When an opponent would use a spell that affects all units you control but not that opponent’s units, you may discard this spell. If you do, cancel the effects of that spell.

    Main Action+Exhaustion : Place a status token on a unit you control.

    Mirrored Conjuration
    Reaction Spell - Discard
    Illusion Class

    You may play this card when you place a conjuration with no abilities on your battlefield. You may place an additional copy of that conjuration on your battlefield. Attach an illusionary copy conjured alteration to that conjuration.

    You may select a die in your exhausted pool and place it into your active pool on a side of your choice.

    Illusionary Copy
    Conjured Alteration Spell - Unit

    [Inexhaustible] This unit now has the following ability:
    Illusion: If this unit receives damage as a result of a unit’s attack or counter, destroy this unit.

    Temporal Vortex
    Alteration Spell - Phoenixborn
    Illusion Class+Time Class

    [Inexhaustible] When attaching this spell, place 3 status tokens on this spell. Discard this spell when it no longer has any status tokens on it.

    The player who controls this Phoenixborn cannot take a Side Action other than Concentration.

    This Phoenixborn unit now has the following ability:
    [Inexhaustible] Concentration: :side: : Remove 1 status token from a Temporal Vortex alteration spell attached to this unit.

    Action Spell - Discard
    Main Action+Time Power

    Place an exhaustion token on a target unit.
    Remove 2 status tokens from that unit.

    Action Spell - Discard
    Main Action+Time Class
    Search your discard pile for a ready spell and place it into your hand.

    Ally - Battlefield
    Main Action+2 Time Class+Basic

    Create Talisman: :side: : Select a die from your active pool and place it on this card on its class side.

    [Inexhaustible] Consume Talisman: You may exhaust dice on their class side on this card as if they were in your active pool when paying the costs of cards in your hand or the activation costs of ready spells.

    Attack 1 Life 3 Recover 1

  • Tolliver I - Matt's Custom Deck 0

    Note--this deck functions no matter what the Time dice side action is, but I tentatively suggest this power.

    Time dice, side action (no dice spent): Change one time die in your active pool to a side of your choosing (basic, class, power). Choose a die in a target opponent’s pool and turn it to the corresponding side.

    Tolliver I, Phoenixborn of the Shining Kingdom 5 Time Dice, 5 Charm Dice

    Tolliver the Child King established his prosperous kingdom centuries ago, using his magic to retain his youth. Though his power and influence grew, his capacity for empathy did not, his powers leaving him in a state of selfish narcissism. He now seeks only to spend his time in frivolous pursuits, while his kingdom falls slowly into ruin.

    17 life, 8 Battlefield, 3 Spellboard

    PB ability: Side action “Renewal”, exhaustion token--You may use a second main action this turn, but only to take the Pass action.

    Ready Spells

    Law of Courtesy (main action and 1 charm power to place): When this spell comes into play, you may remove one exhaustion token from a unit that has less than 3 attack. Inexhaustible: Fleeting, Bound. Exhaustible: Players must pay one basic die to declare an attack action.

    Future Vision (main action and 1 time power to place): Side action, exhaust “Target opposing Phoenixborn draws a card. You may turn a time class or power die to its basic side to draw a card.” Inexhaustible: “After each prepare phase, all players draw 1 card.”

    Summon Clockwork Frog (Main action to place): 1 Time class die, main action, exhaust to summon. Frog is 0/1/0 with Armored 1 and Spiked Skin 2. Conjuration Limit 3.

    Summon Gorilla Guardian (Main action and 1 time power to place): 1 time class and 1 basic die, main action, exhaust to summon. Guardian is a 3/4/0 with Gigantic 2 and Massive 2 (Inexhaustible--this unit occupies 2 battlefield slots). Conjuration Limit 2.

    Action Spells

    Capricious Mood (PB unique): 1 basic die to play, side action or main action. Choose 2 of the following effects: Deal 2 damage to a target unit, Deal 1 Damage to a target Phoenixborn, Draw 1 Card, Discard the Top Card of a target Phoenixborn’s deck. Eternal (between the realms--”When this card is placed in the discard pile on your turn and you haven’t meditated during that turn, you may shuffle it back into your deck.”)

    Time stop: 1 time class die, side action to play. Target unit gains Bypass for the turn. At the end of the turn, remove that unit from the game.

    Reaction Spells

    Rewind Time: 1 discard, 1 time class to play. You may play this card when a unit is destroyed. After the unit is destroyed, return it to the battlefield with no alterations or tokens on it.


    Sycophant: 1 charm class and 1 basic die to play. 1/2/0 with Last Blessing 2, Last Request 1, and Exile (Between the realms--when this unit is placed in the discard pile, remove it from the game).

    Royal Vizier: 1 time power, 1 charm class, and 1 basic die to play. 0/3/1 with Ambush 2, Intrigue 1 (exhaustible--”When this unit would deal damage to a PB, instead reveal that many cards from the PB’s deck. Remove one card from the game, return the rest in the order you choose), and Diplomacy (exhaustible--”Reduce to 0 all damage dealt to other units by this unit”).


    Dissipate: 1 charm or time class die. Attached unit gains fleeting and transparent.

  • Mounting Raptor Herder 3

    If i mount Raptor Herder and then dismount it will it summon another Raptor Hatchling?

  • Jaze Tempus - Jason's Custom Deck 5

    Jaze Tempus
    Phoenixborn of Tomorrow’s Keep

    Jaze Tempus (Phoenixborn)
    7 Battlefield
    18 Life
    3 Spellboard
    Dust to Dust: (Side Action+ Exhaust +1 Basic Die) : Place 1 Status Token on a target card. You may destroy a unit you control, if you do place 1 Status Token on a target card.
    It’s Time for me to write the ending of your story. You will not like it.

    Summon Soul Carrier Crow (Ready Spell, Spellboard)
    Play Cost (Main Action+1 Basic Die)
    Activation Cost (Main Action + Exhaust + 1 Class Time Die): Place a Soul Carrier Crow Conjuration onto your Battlefield.
    Focus 1: Your Soul Carrier Crow Conjurations gain Stalk
    Focus 2: Your Soul Carrier Crow Conjurations lose Fleeting
    My mother taught me to fear their murders. It is a lesson I failed to learn.

    Dark Bargain (Ready Spell, Spellboard)
    Play Cost (Main Action+ 1 Class Time die or 1 Class Ceremonial Die)
    Activation Cost (Side Action): Remove up to 2 Status Tokens from this card. For each Status Token removed place a target die onto a side of your choice.
    My father taught me to revere the shadows. It is a lesson I know well

    Weight Of Ages (Ready Spell, Spellboard)
    Play Cost (Main Action+ 1 Class Time Die)
    (Inexhaustible Ability) When Weight of Ages comes into play place 5 Status Tokens on it. At the Start of each round you may add or remove 1 Status Token form Weight of Ages.
    Activation Cost (Main Action): If Weight of Ages has 10 or more Status Tokens on it Target Player discards the top 5 cards of their draw deck. If Weigh of Ages has 0 Status Tokens on it Target player must choose and exhaust 5 dice in their active pool. Remove Weight of Ages from the game.
    In time all debts are paid.

    Jaze’s Betrothed (Ally Battlefield – Jaze Tempus’s Signature Card)
    0 Attack
    2 Life
    0 Rcover
    Play Cost (Main Action + 1 Class Time Die+ 1 Class Ceremonial Die+ 1 Basic Die)
    (Inexhaustible Ability: Spawn 2) When this unit comes into play, place 1 Sleeping Widow conjuration onto your battlefield. When this unit leaves play, place 1 Sleeping Widow conjuration onto your battlefield.
    A gift for you my love, in the hope we may come to know a life without burden.

    Temporal Banshee (Ally, Battlefield)
    3 Attack
    2 Life
    0 Recover
    Play Cost (Main Action + 2 Class Time Die)
    (Ability: Mourning Wail) After this unit deals damage to a Phoenixborn by attacking, remove 1 Status Token from this unit to place 1 Exhaustion Token on a Target Ready spell.
    *Woe unto the fools who made them widows. *

    Time Skip (Action Spell, Discard)
    Play Cost (Side Action + 1 Class Time Die)
    Target a unit or ready spell without exhaustion tokens on it, removed the targeted card from play then return it to play under it’s owner’s control.

    I’ll be right back.

    Make Your Offering (Action Spell, Discard)
    Play Cost (Main Action + 2 Power Ceremonial Die) Target a Phoenixborn Signature Card in play. The cards owner must chose to discard it from play or place 2 exhaustion tokens on it.
    I have come to collect what is owed. Why are you not prepared?

    Never Forget (Action Spell, Discard)
    Play Cost (Main Action+ 1 Power Ceremonial Die) Discard a Ready Spell from your spellboard. If you do, search your discard pile for a Ready Spell and add it to your hand.
    I remember that which came before I even drew my first breath.

    Bound In Blood (Reaction Spell Discard)
    Play Cost (1 Class Cerimonal Die)
    Play when your Phoenixborn receives damage. Target a player who may deal an equal amount of damage to their own Phoenixborn. If they do not deal damage to their Phoenixborn born, prevent all damage your Phonixborn received
    Shall we die together then?

    Entropy Web (Alteration Spell, Unit)
    Play Cost (Main Action + 1 Class Time Die)
    -X Attack
    -X Life
    -X Recover
    (Ability: Bind) X is equal to the number of Status Tokens on Entorpy Web
    (Inexhaustible Ability: Respark: Free)
    If you fight it, it will only hurt more.

    Soul Carrier Crow (Conjuration Battlefield)
    2 Attack
    2 Life
    0 Recover
    5 Conjuration Limit
    (Inexhaustible Ability: Fleeting)
    It is said, if love is strong enough, they will bring a wronged soul back from the dead to make amends.

  • Captain Devlin Longbow - Jason's Custom Deck 0

    Captain Devlin Longbow
    Phoenixborn of The Bone Sea

    Captain Devlin Longbow (Phoenixborn)
    6 Battlefield
    17 Life
    4 Spellboard
    Duel: Side Action + Exhaust: Target two unexhausted units controlled by different players. Each unit deals damage equal to it’s attack value to the other unit.
    On land I’m deadly but on the water I am death.

    Summon Deepwater Hammerhead (Ready Spell, Spellboard)
    Play Cost (Main Action + 3 Class Time Dice + 2 Basic Dice)
    Activation Cost (Main Action + Exhaust): Place a Deepwater Hammerhead Conjuration onto your Battlefield.
    They fear nothing that dwells below the waves.

    Summon Riptide Siren (Ready Spell, Spellboard)
    Play Cost (Main Action + 1 Class Time Die)
    Activation Cost (Main Action + Exhaust): Discard the top two cards of your draw deck, If you do place a Riptide Siren Conjuration onto your battle field.
    Focus 1: Discard the top card of your draw deck instead

    They have lured many a strong mariner to their end with their songs.

    Whirlpool (Ready Spell, Spellboard)
    Play Cost (Main Action)
    Activation Cost: After Attackers are declared you may place one exhaustion token on this card and spend one Class Natural Die to give a target attacking unit minus one attack until the end of the turn.
    Focus 1: Give the targeted unit minus two attack instead
    Focus 2: Give the target unit minus three attack instead.
    Muscle and Armor is nothing compared to the strength of the sea.

    Loot the Future (Ready Spell, Spellboard)
    Play Cost (Main Action)
    Activation Cost (Side Action + Exhaust + 1 Class Time Die): You may take up to two additional consecutive side actions this turn.
    Tomorrow often has the most valuable treasures.

    The Perfect Storm (Action Spell Discard – Captain Devlin Longbow’s signature card)
    Play Cost (Main Action + 2 Basic Dice)
    Deal two damage to each unit without one or more status tokens on it
    From the ports of Ironside to the harbors of Aeros there will be nothing left that sails.

    Time Walk (Action Spell, Discard)
    Play Cost (Side Action + 1 Power Time Die)
    Place three wound tokens on your Phoenixborn. Take up to one additional Main Action this turn.
    Moving across time has a heavy price but the rewards are great.

    Pearl Conch Shell Venom (Alteration Spell, Unit)
    Play Cost (Side Action + 1 Power Natural Die)
    The attached unit gains Battle Advantage and Deathstrike.
    Beautiful, Deadly, Priceless.

    Reverse Fate (Alteration Spell, Unit)
    Play Cost (Main Action+ 1 Class Time Die)
    When this unit would be destroyed, remove all wound tokens from it and discard this spell instead.
    You are one of the proud few who can now remember what dying feels like.

    Bone Sea Privateer (Ally, Battlefield)
    1 Attack
    2 Life
    0 Recover
    Play Cost (Main Action + 1 Class Natural Die + 1 Basic Die)
    (Ability: Plunder) When Bone Sea Privateer comes into play you may search your discard pile for a unit alteration spell and attach it to Bone Sea Privateer ignoring any Main Action or Side Action costs.
    I’ll take that if you please.

    Stasis Knight (Ally, Battlefield)
    4 Attack
    3 Life
    1 Recover
    Play Cost (Main Action + 1 Power Time Die+ 1 Class Time Die + 1 Basic Die)
    (Inexhaustible Ability: Suspended Animation) While this unit has one or more exhaustion tokens on it, it cannot be affected by other players spells, abilities or dice powers and it cannot be chosen as the target of an attack action.
    Trying to chase one of them down is like trying to swim with a cannon ball tied to your boot.

    Deepwater Hammer Head (Conjuration Battlefield)
    3 Attack
    4 Life
    1 Recover
    2 Conjuration Limit
    (Inexhaustible Ability: Consume)
    They might be big enough to swallow a man whole but the most terrifying thing about them is that they can hunt and kill their prey without making a sound.

    Riptide Siren (Conjuration Battlefield)
    2 Attack
    2 Life
    0 Recover
    4 Conjuration Limit

    If you can hear their call then you at least get to listen to something beautiful before drowning.

  • Duchess Vanity Nightwhisper - Jason's Custom Deck 0

    Duchess Vanity Nightwhisper
    Phoenixborn of The Mirrored Duchy

    Duchess Vanity Nightwhisper (Phoenixborn)
    5 Battlefield
    19 Life
    4 Spellboard
    A Woman of Excess: Your First Five may include one duplicate card.
    Tell me how beautiful I am one more time.

    Summon Dream Stealer Rat (Ready Spell, Spellboard)
    Play Cost (Main Action + 1 Class Time Die)
    Activation Cost (Main Action + Exhaust + 1 Class Illusion Die): You may place one target die onto the side of your choice. Place a Dream Stealer Rat Conjuration onto your Battlefield.
    Let me introduce you to the nightmares that lurked under my bed as a little girl.

    Summon Mirror Golem (Ready Spell, Spellboard)
    Play Cost (Main Action)
    Activation Cost (Main Action + Exhaust + 2 Class Time Dice + 1 Basic Die): Place a Mirror Golem Conjuration onto your battle field.
    Focus 1: Place 1 status token on that Mirror Golem
    Focus 2: Place 1 additional status token on that Mirror Golem

    Only I can hide from the truth they reveal.

    Eternal Beauty (Ready Spell, Spellboard)
    Play Cost (Main Action+ 1 Class Time Die)
    Activation Cost (Main Action): Remove a number of wound tokens from your Phoenixborn equal to the number of status token on this card. Discard this card.
    Immortality is worthless if it is spent in the company of ugliness.

    Shadow Pact (Ready Spell, Spellboard)
    Play Cost (Main Action + 1 Class Illusion Die)
    Activation Cost (Side Action, Exhaust): All players may return a die from their exhausted pool to their active pool on its basic side.
    Focus 1: You may reroll your selected die.
    Focus 2: You may place your selected die on the side of your choice.
    Even when she is helping you she is helping herself more.

    Awe (Alteration Spell, Unit- Duchess Vanity Nightwhisper’s signature card)
    Play Cost (Main Action + 1 Class Time Die or 1 Class Illusion Die)
    (Ability: Powerless): This unit cannot be declared as an attacker, blocker or guard.
    *She is perfect…perfect…just perfect… *

    Rapid Aging (Action Spell, Discard)
    Play Cost (Main Action + 1 Class Time Die or 1 Class Illusion Die + 1 Basic Die)
    If you paid the class die cost of this spell with Time Magic, place one exhaustion token on a target Phoenixborn. If you paid the class die cost of this spell with Illusion Magic, place one exhaustion token on a target ready spell.
    Growing old does not suit me, you on the other hand…

    Erase History (Action Spell, Discard)
    Play Cost (Main Action + 1 Class Time Die) Remove up to three cards in a target player’s discard pile from the game
    There is nothing that I cannot see undone.

    Past, Present and Future (Action Spell)
    Play Cost (Side Action+ 1 Class Time Die) If this card is in your discard pile, shuffle it into your deck
    I can wait but it would be wise not to make me. I have all the time in the world.

    Mirror Breaker Initiate (Ally, Battlefield)
    1 Attack
    2 Life
    0 Recover
    Play Cost (Main Action + 1 Class Illusion Die)
    (Ability: False Foe) After blocking units are declared (if any), Place one Exhaustion token on this unit to have it change places with one of your other units.
    Wait you’re not a Hammer Knight!

    Mirror Breaker Knight (Ally, Battlefield)
    3 Attack
    3 Life
    2 Recover
    Play Cost (Main Action + 1 Power Illusion Die+ 1 Class Illusion Die + 1 Basic Die)
    (Ability: Shattered Reflection) After Mirror Breaker Knight is declared as an attacker, place one Exhaustion token on a target unit.
    They are the only ones who have seen what I truly look like. It is why their oath of loyalty lasts beyond death.

    Dream Stealer Rat (Conjuration Battlefield)
    1 Attack
    2 Life
    0 Recover
    5 Conjuration Limit
    (Inexhaustible Ability: Illusion)
    (Inexhaustible Ability: Lasting Nightmare) After Dream Stealer Rat is destroyed, place one target die onto a side of your choice.
    (Ability: Unit Guard)

    You cannot kill what never was.

    Mirror Golem (Conjuration Battlefield)
    X Attack
    X Life
    X Recover
    2 Conjuration Limit
    (Inexhaustible Ability: Many Shards) X equals the number of status tokens on this unit plus one.
    Forget fighting them, just looking at one is often enough to get yourself killed.

  • Theodric Abernathy - Matt's Custom Deck 0

    Theodric Abernathy, Phoenixborn of Everbloom. 6 Time Dice, 4 Nature Dice

    Theodric has long used his magic to protect his lands from outside influence. Everbloom--a pristine, secluded area of natural beauty. Would-be invaders find themselves lost in time, wandering an everchanging landscape while their sanity wanes. He conjures remnants of past lives of his faithful servants to bring to bear against his enemies, and is capable of rousing natural spirits from their slumber.

    17 life, 6 Battlefield, 4 Spellboard

    PB ability: Past Lives--This Phoenixborn counts as a unit for friendly effects that place status tokens.

    Rewind time (side action, doesn’t exhaust)-- Remove 2 status tokens from this Phoenixborn to move an exhausted die to your active pool on its basic side.

    Ready Spells

    1 ) Summon Ancestral Remnant, main action to place. Focus 1, You may place a status token on a target card.

    Summon Cost is One Time Class, One basic. Remnant is a 2/3/1 with unit guard, transparent, fade. Conjuration limit 3 (note--this unit cannot block for a PB due to transparent, but it can guard units)

    2) Summon Energy Conduit, main action to place. Time Power, Nature Power to summon. 0/3/0 with decoy and pain link. Conjuration Limit 3

    3) Metabolize, main action to place. Side action nature class and exhaust to attach either an “Accelerated Metabolism” or “Decelerated Metabolism” conjured alteration to a target unit.

    Accelerated Metabolism: +1 recover. Regeneration (exhaustible): Side action, exhaust, time class. The attached unit removes wounds from itself equal to its recover value. Conjuration limit 3.

    Decelerated Metabolism: Attached unit gains a Recover value of 0 that cannot be modified by any other effects. Conjuration limit 2.

    4) Terramorph (PB unique), 2 basic, Main action to place. When this ready spell comes into play, put a terrain conjuration into play according to its instructions. Side action or Main action, 1 basic. Remove a status token from a target card.

    Terrain--Labrinth: Place this alteration on top of a target player’s ready spell, putting that ready spell face down under this card. Cursed 1. Bound. Spellguard. Time sink, side action: Place a status token on this card. If this card has 5 status tokens on it, it loses “Bound”. When this alteration leaves play, return the ready spell under it back to the spellboard slot it occupied. Conjuration Limit 1

    Terrain--Stasis Field: Place this alteration on a target unit. Spellguard. The unit gains Stasis (inexhaustible): This unit may not attack, block, guard, be destroyed, discarded, or leave play, or have any additional alterations placed on it. Time sink, side action: Place a status token on this card. If this card has 5 status tokens on it, it loses “Stasis”. Conjuration Limit 1

    Terrain--Thoughtscape: Place this alteration on a target Phoenixborn. Spellguard. The PB gains Feedback 1: You must pay 1 basic die to activate your Phoenixborn ability. Time sink, side action: Place a status token on this card. If this card has 5 status tokens on it, it loses “Feedback”. Conjuration Limit 1


    5) Slow, 1 time power. This unit treats all units in battle with it as if they possess Battle Advantage.

    Action Spells

    6) Time Bomb, Time class and basic. Main action. Remove a target friendly unit from the game to deal a total of X damage divided among any number of target units. X = the number of status tokens on the friendly unit.

    7) Enervate, time class: Main action. Destroy a target friendly unit. Add status tokens equal to its recover value to a target unit. You may draw 1 card.

    8) Rejuvenate, nature class and one basic. Main action. Target unit removes wounds equal to their recover value. You may add or remove up to 2 status tokens from the target unit.

    9) Awaken, main and side action. 2 nature class, 1 time class. Place a stone golem conjuration onto a target player's battlefield.

    Stone Golem is a 4 attack 5 life 3 recover unit. It has Massive 2 (inexhaustible: this unit occupies 2 BF slots), Rooted, and Rouse 1 (you may remove 1 status token from this unit on your turn to ignore rooted for this turn). Conjuration limit 2


    10) Clockwork Servitor. 1 Time Power, 1 Time class, 1 basic. 2/3/X, x = number of status tokens on it. Resourceful, Armored 1