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  • Making a Community Phoenixborn : Dice Types 2

    So i don't really know if Ashes is a finished product and if you have any insider information and are not telling us - shame on you.

    But i do really like the whole "New Phoenixborn is coming" reveal thing and would be surprised if i was the first person to think "May i can make my own phoenixborn".

    I have worked on many cards in the past but i always felt that i don't want to release cards as long as the game is evolving on its own, which might lead to my creations being overpowered or obsolete.
    But i feel like right now might be a good time to produce something as we are all waiting on news anyway.

    So i thought a good starting point might just be to design the other version of Sembali.
    We already have text for the Phoenixborn and the loyal card and an idea what the deck might have been from that.

    ==== The Dice Types ====

    The main problem a new deck would have right now is the question of what magictypes to use. We can just make it ceremonial/divine as then those colors would have too many cards available.
    So one of my design rules currently is, that the deck has to be colorless in some sense, but also a little different from the style of Jerichos deck.
    Obviously that is quite a limitation, as those cards would be playable in any deck, so there needs some kind of mechanism that limits the cards.

    So i thought of 2 ways for new costs :

    The first i call "Alpha-Omega" for a lack of a better term, and the second one i call "Devotion" which i believe originates from Magic the gathering.

    Alpha Omega works as follows :
    There are 2 new dice costs : Alpha and Omega
    Alphas are paid with any class symbol and Omegas are paid with any Power Symbol.
    This is essentially colorless, but you still care for what your dice show.
    Example :

    • You can use [[Ceremonial]] to pay for 1 Omega
    • You can use [[Natural]] to pay for 1 Omega
    • You can use [[Natural]] [[Illusion]] to pay for 2 Omega
    • You can use [[Natural:class]] and [[Charm]] to pay for 1 Alpha and 1 Omega

    It is likely that this type of payment method will have some cards that say 'If you paid with dice of at least 2/3 different magic types [...]'
    This promotes existing cards that use more than one dice type, like Seal or Protect.

    Devotion is in some sense the other side of the coin.
    You "have Devotion" if there is a magic type of which you have at least 7 dice in your Dice pool (active+exhausted dice), no matter what side they face.
    You would only be able to play the cards in question or at least use their full effect if you have devotion, which means that your dice pool is heavily focused on one color - since i would only design and playtest one deck there would not be such a thing as "Devotion to Ceremonial" there would just be "Devotion".
    This promotes cards that already cost 3 dice of one particular type like Dread Wraith or Shadow Hound.

    My Question to you is : Which one would you like to see more ?
    I made an online poll for this here : Poll
    I will take the result in a week from now. Maybe earlier if voting clearly has stopped and the majority is practically already decided.
    I'm open to critique but i already have lots of ideas for those two types, and depending on how much feedback i get there will be more these polls for the mechanics of the deck and singular cards in the deck. At the end of the process (maybe in 6 weeks or so) i hope to have prepared cards for tabletop simulator that can be used in playtesting.

  • Aoe damage order 2

    Suppose i have Luminous Seedling and two Brilliant Thorn`s on my field. All of them have one wound token. My opponent uses Nature's Wrath. Who decides which creatures are taking damage first?

  • Shinig hydra + Poison 12

    If i use Poison on my Shining Hydra it just gets aditional attack every turn ( til limit of Shining Hydra Head). Is my reasoning correct?

  • Orrick and Lulu :( 2

    Hi !! i just noticed that Orrick and Lulu is always "out of print" on PH Store, any recommendations where i can purchase them , or maybe some of you have spare copy (prefer sealed / mint) of them? I'm very interested to buy them...

  • Killing cards 4

    I would like to have all the cards that just kill a unit ( any unit ) listed. As far as i can remember all the cards those would be:
    1) Shadow Counter - doesn`t kill but there is no unit with over 6 hp in the game
    2) Nightshade Swallow
    Any other ideas?

  • Anyone there? 3

    Hi and greetings to fellow players out there :)

    I'm a new player based on South East Asia region, and I'm wondering is there any official ashes group beside this forum?

    Just amde a complete set purchase from PHS and not regretting every cent of it ☺

  • Competitive Meta 12

    Can someone give me a summary of the current Tournament Meta ?
    What is typically regarded as strong, what as weak - are there any cards that get used by (almost) everyone ?

  • sort conjurations by summoning cost 1

    The card sorting feature is really useful, but is there a way to sort the conjurations cards by their summoning cost on the spellboard card? A lot of the spellboard cards only cost a main action, so the real decision is the cost of the conjuration.

    Thank you!

  • targeting 4

    So my friend and I were playing a game, and he was using a celestial knight, 3 spectral assassin's, and a shepherd of lost souls to attack my phoenixborn. I used my Beast Tamer's effect to remove 1 basic die and lower the attacking units attack by 1. He proceeded to play angelic rescue on his celestial knight to cancel the effect of my tamer. He said that my beast tamers effect targets, however the beast tamers card text doesn't specifically say "target".

    So would angelic rescue work in this situation?

  • full set of files with ashes rules 3

    I just find old post on phg site with some new(for that time) draft format rules.This put into my mind question if I possibly miss some interesting rules or additional content. Have anyone tried to collect all those files? I am about to dig into all old posts on phg but I am lazy and if someone did it before I would not like to double work.

  • Some hints at new Expansions 3

    Isaac has posted a screenshot of the place where he wants to store his gamescollection in the future.
    Twitter : Image 3 & 4
    The Picture shows a Box with small Ashes expansions, 18 in total.
    While Ashes does have 22 Decks in total only 14 of those come in the known small expansion box. The picture does not contain any duplicate games and isaac is celebrating all his awesome stuff in the picture so it is plausible that he also has some of plaid hats not yet release new products in there.
    He has actually done similar things in the past already (picture is from the time Namine and Odette were spoiled, but not more).
    That would imply that for the next 4 Decks to come at least prototypes do exist.
    His tweets in the past suggest that at most points in time there were 4 not yet spoiled ashes decks in the pipeline after each finished spoiler season.

    However for all of this to make sense time dice would need a new delivery method as deluxe expansions are not seen in the picture.

    Also worth mentioning is that Ashes has some quite prominent spots in the setup of the shot and his new game storage so he seems to be still into it.

  • Tournament game length 1

    I read in one post ( don`t remember which exactly though ) that most games now lasts 2 or 3 round? Is it really true? If it is, what are the factors causing it?
    I mean least hp on phoenixborn is 15. So if game will last 2 rounds you need at least something like 6 dmg in first round and 9 dmg in second round ( and if opponent`s pb`s life is higher than 15 - well, these numbers go up ). How can you gain so big adventage over opponent in such short time, when both of you start with same resources( i mean 5 cards and 10 dice ).

  • How good is Law of Repentance 1

    I looked at the recent AIL Decks and was not surprised to find that most of them had dice recursion.

    However no one seems to have packed Law of Repentance.Is it not worth the spellboard or Card slot / dice pool restriction etc. even if you know that everyone uses dice recursion ?
    I thought that the meta mostly contained matches where you ended the game on average on Round 2 or 3. So by that i would assume that the 2 life gain from the card are relevant.
    I can also imagine that law of repentance is quite unreliable, as your opponent might not have dice recursion in the round that you happen to draw it in.
    But then again Law of Repentance is often better than Heal and that card sees play in some decks.

  • Noone likes Sembali 11

    I found out, that Xander Heartsblood is in 58 decks ( by 41 users ) and Sembali Grimtongue only in 31 decks (by 26 users). That`s almost two times less than Xander. I wonder why she is so unpopular ( there are only 2 decks beside basic published for her ). When i saw her conjuration banishing it seemed very poworful to me so this situation feels really strange

  • Chants and Summons 5

    Two questions I encountered:
    If I have the Summon Dread Wraith ready spell Focused 2 and all the spells are exhausted, can I still use that focused ability to remove an exhaustion token from a dread wraith?
    I think I know the answer to this, but if I have a Chant of Protection with tokens on it on my spell board can does it take hits for my Pheonixborn when I use the ceremonial power dice ability to retrieve an ally from my discard pile?

  • Who goes first in AIL 3

    I just looked at "" and wondered if you are allowed to chose who goes first after you rolled more [[basic]]s instead of forcing you to be the Starting player ?

    Seems harmless to most people but in Legend of the Five Rings you normally do a coin toss to determine the starting player, but they made an exception for tournament play to allow for the winner of the coin toss to decide who goes first.
    Took them over a year to realize it actually influences deck building and that the effects on the meta game increased as time passed.
    So they did change the Rules to force a random starting player.
    Of course that is an entirely different game but it is also a very good example of how this kind of thing is not minor.

    The Reason this has an effect on deck building is that players are more likely to be in their desired starting position. That sounds like a good thing but it also means you are less incentivised to prepare for the bad outcome.
    Legend of the Five Rings everyone wanted to be second player and they knew that if someone wanted to be first, they would get that.
    So they build decks under the assumption to go second.
    But that made it harder for players that did want to go first because they went against decks that were optimized for this scenario.
    Of course they could have chosen to go second but for that to matter in terms of the meta game a majority of players would have to behave that way and that did not happen. (If most players behaved that way it would also be the wrong choice again - random decision is really the optimum here)

    How is it handled in the AIL ?

  • Preconstructed Decks on Tabletop Sim 0

    I uploaded a mod with all the preconstructed decks we have (sans promos) :
    Steam Link

    Let me know if anything is wrong with it. I will probably add some quality of life improvements over time. I would also like a new background for the table.

    I'm currently in the process of writing a few Guides for People that try out the game on Steam for the first time. Mostly because i enjoy it but also because it is possibly the way most new players come into contact with ashes.

    If you want to participate you can do so. I might change your words a little in order to fit my format.
    A guide would need to be :

    • Specific to 1 preconstructed deck.
    • Extremly short and easy to understand
    • without any insider vocabulary
    • give the player an Idea what they should try to do
    • objective rather than subjective
    • about playing the decks theme, not about optimal play

    I have written prototype guides for the Core set decks.
    Here is Coals text as an Example.
    I will spell check/ optimize when i find the time.
    At the Moment all texts are in the "Typical Win/Loss/Opponent dependent Decisions" format.


    Coal Something
    Typical Win :
    Play Hammer Knights early, keep them alive with Protect and spiked armor.
    Deal the final damage to the opponent with Chant of Revenge.
    Have Iron Rhinos as a backup plan if your allies die anyway.

    Typical Loss :
    Take lots of damage early on. Play cards that do not get relevant against that specific opponent instead of using them for Slash.
    Using Iron Rhinos when they your opponent can ignore, exhaust or cheaply kill them.

    Opponent dependent decisions
    Wether Iron Rhinos will be relevant this game.
    Which Cards you want to play and which to use to pay for Discard costs.
    If you want to win early with Hammer Knight damage or late with Chant of Revenge.

  • Deal damage Events 6

    Night Shade Swallow had a rewording such that it needs to do at least 1 damage to trigger its ability, so i wondered if the same is true for other units (found nothing in the faq).
    Say my spectral assassin has Regress attached to it and attacks a phoenixborn.
    Do i get to draw a card still ?

    My guess is that it i do, but it does not feel very consistent.

  • Living Doll Ability Timing 3

    Hello all!
    I just got my core set recently from a local buy/trade/sell group and decided to give Ashes a shot. The game is very good and my friends and I are quickly addicted!

    In our recent games we encounter a situation and I would like to figure this out. Jessa Nani's Living Doll will deal damage or "transfer" damage to another unit or opposing Phoenixborn, but does that ability triggers even when Living Doll blocks / receives damage and dies? Or it only triggers provided that Living Doll is still on the battlefield after the damage resolves?

    My playgroup's logic is similar to Magic in which units who are dead will not trigger this kind of static / passive / trigger condition abilities.

    Let me know what you guys think!

  • Statistics over card types and die types 1

    With the wonderful cardbrowser on this site it's easy to create a table on which dice types has how many cards of a type. Now, for all six existing die types the same number of decks have been published, so a comparison should now be quite meaningful.

    I will exclude Phoenixborn unique cards, because they are not generally available. Please note that the line Summon does not count to a die type's total, because the cards have been counted for their card types already. Nevertheless, I found this information useful in the comparison, because the number of Summon spells is a measure of how many units the die type has available. Cards with paralel costs are counted for both die types.

    Let's look at how many cards of a kind can be played with only the respective die type:

    • Allies: [[basic]] 8, [[ceremonial]] 5, [[charm]] 2, [[divine]] 7, [[illusion]] 4, [[nature]] 3, [[sympathy]] 10
    • Action: [[basic]] 4, [[ceremonial]] 4, [[charm]] 6, [[divine]] 4, [[illusion]] 5, [[nature]] 3, [[sympathy]] 4
    • Reaction: [[basic]] 1, [[ceremonial]] 4, [[charm]] 5, [[divine]] 0, [[illusion]] 4, [[nature]] 1, [[sympathy]] 2
    • Alteration: [[basic]] 0, [[ceremonial]] 3, [[charm]] 2, [[divine]] 3, [[illusion]] 3, [[nature]] 7, [[sympathy]] 1
    • Ready: [[basic]] 5, [[ceremonial]] 9, [[charm]] 11, [[divine]] 14, [[illusion]] 10, [[nature]] 7, [[sympathy]] 14
    • Total: [[basic]] 18, [[ceremonial]] 25, [[charm]] 26, [[divine]] 28, [[illusion]] 26, [[nature]] 21, [[sympathy]] 31
    • Summon: [[basic]] 2, [[ceremonial]] 4, [[charm]] 6, [[divine]] 4, [[illusion]] 6, [[nature]] 5, [[sympathy]] 4

    There are definitely strongholds and weak points in most die types. It's interesting to note that there has been quite some shift in card type spread since the status of the "four die type game". Ceremonial's number of allies is now only mediocre. Instead, the two newer die types seem to have gotten an advantage over the old types in terms of number of cards.

    Now, lets look at the total number of cards to have certain die type on it:

    • Allies: [[ceremonial]] 12, [[charm]] 4, [[divine]] 12, [[illusion]] 6, [[nature]] 6, [[sympathy]] 15
    • Action: [[ceremonial]] 4, [[charm]] 9, [[divine]] 7, [[illusion]] 8, [[nature]] 7, [[sympathy]] 5
    • Reaction: [[ceremonial]] 4, [[charm]] 6, [[divine]] 1, [[illusion]] 4, [[nature]] 2, [[sympathy]] 2
    • Alteration: [[ceremonial]] 3, [[charm]] 2, [[divine]] 3, [[illusion]] 3, [[nature]] 8, [[sympathy]] 2
    • Ready: [[ceremonial]] 14, [[charm]] 15, [[divine]] 17, [[illusion]] 12, [[nature]] 12, [[sympathy]] 19
    • Total: [[ceremonial]] 35, [[charm]] 36, [[divine]] 40, [[illusion]] 33, [[nature]] 35, [[sympathy]] 43
    • Summon: [[ceremonial]] 5, [[charm]] 8, [[divine]] 8, [[illusion]] 7, [[nature]] 10, [[sympathy]] 8

    Still, it looks like there is some sympathy for Sympathy among the designers.

    Under the Allies, there seems to be the highest proportion of cards with multiple colour cost, while among Alterations it's the lowest.