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  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the post Face Down Cards and leaving play:

    Sep 10, 2018 PDT

    So the german translation uses the same words for both which made it a bit harder for me to see the difference, but i understand it now. Thanks

  • Skaak#1st! commented on the post Face Down Cards and leaving play:

    Sep 10, 2018 PDT

    Respark doesn't trigger off "leaves play". It triggers off "discarded from play". Polarity Mage does not cause cards to be discarded, but it does cause them to leave play. So if a card came out that triggered when an attachment left play, it would be triggered by Polarity Mage's Take ability. Respark does not trigger, though.

  • Face Down Cards and leaving play 4

    Hi everyone,

    is just re-read the Rules to find out that you can only use respark during a players turn on cards that are discarded from play.
    Now a face down Card is explicitly not in play, so you could not use respark to get it back from under a polarity mage.

    But the question is : Does the card 'leave play' then the polarity mage uses 'take' and makes it therefore possible to use respark ? (As it goes from being in play to not being in play)

    This may not be the case because some cards like the panther spirit get discarded without being destroyed. In a similar way it might be possible for a card to not 'leave play' but use another unnamed transition and then be 'not in play'.

    Suggestions ?

  • Skaak#1st! commented on the deck Leo's BFF:

    Sep 07, 2018 PDT

    This is a nasty deck. One of my meta-mates decided to try it out because he likes things that are a little off-the-wall and wanted something that had a chance against both Harold and the likely Hammer Knights/Elephant Riders that tend to crop up in our "swing big" meta. I played a testing game against him with a mid-to-large Orrick deck, and thought I had him dead to rights when we exited round 1 with 6 damage on both Phoenixborn and me with an undamaged Elephant Rider. However, despite not drawing into Massive Growth (and me drawing a second Elephant Rider) he still took me out in round 2 using nothing more than Holy Relics and Power Through (with 1 health left on Leo; it was super close).

    On the other hand, it's hard-countered by Astrea with Mark of the Goddess + Law of Banishment + Dark Reaping. So if you can make an Astrea deck with room for 1x LoB (those other cards are probably already in it, if you like aggressive Astrea), then the Grow Finch is dead in the meta.

    Great deck if you want to ambush someone unexpectedly, though. I'd probably have lost round 1 if I weren't running Orrick with a high number of unit sources (plus Elephants).

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the post Cardprediction Xander:

    Sep 06, 2018 PDT

    Yes the Hydra might come into play with the heads, then pain shaman might serve to reduce damage.
    But it would be wired because Natural magic tends to make Units bigger in Stats which i would not associate with losing a Head or two. thematically i dont think it makes sense.

  • jbriere2#0f4q published a deck!

    Sep 06, 2018 PDT

    Silver snakes 2.0

    Maeoni Viper

  • paradoxicallicious#3awl published a deck!

    Sep 06, 2018 PDT

    Galloping the Meteor

    Victoria Glassfire

  • Leonard03#9-oh published a deck!

    Sep 06, 2018 PDT

    Noah-ones Ready v2

    Noah Redmoon

  • NIU#5n*w published a deck!

    Sep 05, 2018 PDT

    Ninja's out of Shadows

    Jericho Kill

  • JustCam#8db8 published a deck!

    Sep 05, 2018 PDT

    Maeoni Rainbow Snakes

    Maeoni Viper

  • bbroughm#44&h published a deck!

    Sep 04, 2018 PDT

    Five Punch Finch

    Leo Sunshadow

  • doktarr#0a=m published a deck!

    Sep 04, 2018 PDT


    Sembali Grimtongue

  • kapitan#4=pg commented on the post Cardprediction Xander:

    Sep 03, 2018 PDT

    Another possibility for the Hydra would be that it comes into play with a certain number of heads and loses them as damage comes in.

  • What magic has the best mono-colour offerings? 0

    I am interested in people's thoughts as to what magic type is strongest as a mono-colour?

    I've added a few thoughts myself. As a self imposed rule, not two sets can have the same score:

    Beast Tamer
    Imperial Ninja
    Three Eyed Owl
    Nightshade Swallow
    Orchid Dove
    Weeping Spirit
    Undying Heart
    Ready Spells
    Memory Theft
    Royal Charm
    Reaction Spells
    Sympathy Pain
    Call to Action
    Action Spells
    Open Memories
    Change Psyche
    Mind Probe
    A lot of great construction staples in Charm. Not quite sure they can be combined on their own to be anything good.
    Score: 1/6

    Rose Fire Dancer
    Flash Archer
    Shadow Guard
    Mist Spirit
    False Demon
    Shadow Hound
    Shadow Spirit
    Reflections in the Water
    Fade Away
    Body Inversion
    Ready Spells
    Shifting Mist
    Secret Door
    To Shadows
    Gates Thrown Open
    Reaction Spells
    Shadow Counter
    Figures in the Fog
    Angelic Rescue
    Action Spells
    Steady Gaze
    Sleight of Hand
    Hidden Power
    Strange Copy
    Summon Spectral Assassin
    Use a combination of card draw, dice recursion and dice exhaustion to grind out the opponent. Is lacking great unit options ... Shadow Spirits are ok, but not game winning on their own. Has lots of 'Nope' cards, but those have never really seen much play for me. Probably quite fun to play with, not so much against.
    Score: 2/6

    Sleeping Bear
    Butterfly Monk
    Iron Rhino
    Frostback Bear
    Ice Golem
    Massive Growth
    Root Armour
    Spiked Armour
    Crystal Shield
    Frozen Crown
    Deep Freeze
    Mark of the Red Flower
    Ready Spells
    Reaction Spells
    Golden Veil
    Ice Trap
    Action Spells
    Molten Gold
    Freezing Blast
    Pure Natural magic wins the prize for having the most alterations that no-one wants to use. On the positive side, it has some pretty great conjurations and unit removal options. Molten Gold and Frostbite are well suited to break deadlocks with direct damage. Aradel would be my pick of PB's; you need that extra damage!
    Score: 3/6

    Polarity Mage
    Jungle Warrior
    Temple Elder
    Beast Mage
    Beast Warrior
    Flute Mage
    River Skald
    String Mage
    Mirror Spirit
    Salamander Monk
    Squall Stallion
    Mark of the Red Flower
    Ready Spells
    Changing Winds
    Gravity Training
    Join the Hunt
    Drain Vitality
    Guilt Link
    Magic Syphon
    Reaction Spells
    Shatter Pulse
    Action Spells
    Transmute Magic
    The synergy is real! Quality allies, backed by Squall Stallions and Crescendo.
    Score: 4/6

    Leech Warrior
    Crimson Bomber
    Fire Archer
    Psychic Vampire
    Blood Puppet
    Dread Wraith
    Bring Forth
    Ready Spells
    Chant of Revenge
    Expand Energy
    Cut the Strings
    Small Sacrifice
    Chant of the Dead
    Drain Vitality
    Reaction Spells
    Final Cry
    Summon Sleeping Widows
    Adrenaline Rush
    Action Spells
    Bound Soul
    Blood Chains
    Dark Reaping
    Just build a Brennan clone. Chant of Revenge is one of the best cards ever invented so probably include that. Ceremonial also benefits from some of the best reaction spells in the game.
    Score: 5/6

    Polarity Mage
    Sun Sister
    Celestial Knight
    Shepherd of Lost Souls
    Holy Knight
    Shield Mage
    Light Bringer
    Winged Lioness
    Emperor Lion
    Holy Relics
    Power Through
    Ready Spells
    Gravity Training
    Royal Charm
    Law of Fear
    Law of Banishment
    Law of Assurance
    Law of Sight
    Reaction Spells
    Action Spells
    Gotta love that power curve. Divine and Sympathy definitely benefited from having more releases later on in the sets. Big allies, big conjurations, smash face.
    Score: 6/6

  • Cardprediction Xander 3

    I thought a lot of what we can already say about the Decks of Xander and Rimea.
    I will try to use the implicite design philosophy of the magic types, the names of the Cards and what actions the Meta game already includes and is unlikely to get more of to predict the Cards of Xander, King of Titans.

    Cardnames can be read here :

    We already know Xanders Stats : Battlefield 6, Life 20, Spellboard 3 from the preview on

    Things we can guess from Cardnames only :
    The easiest thing to observe is which cards are probably Allies and which are spells.
    There are 2 Cards that are clearly Humanoids, Raptor Herder and Pain Shaman and all the others are likely spells.
    In all likelyhood Summon Cerasaurus Mount, Summon Archasaurus Mount, Summon Shining Hydra and Law of Domination are ready spells due to the naming.
    It is possible that Nature's Wraith is some kind of elemental warrior or that Sacred Ground is actually placed on the battlefield similar to Strange Copy.
    The only reason i even consider this because of the preview Text
    "Xander channels the raw magic of Nature to bear down on those who would invade the sacred ground he now calls home"
    and the fact that we already have 4 candidates for Ready Spells.

    Also Summon Archasaurus Mount is the most likely to not be a readyspell as there is only 1 actual Archasaurus Conjuration.
    There are also 10 Conjuration with the word hydra in the name so this spell is the most likely to be a ready spell. Of course it could be that the Shining Hydra Head is created by combat rather than summoning but it then it is still just as likely to be ready spell as all the others.

    We also know from the preview that Earthquake is an Action Spell. Not Surprising but it tells us more about the structure of the deck and that is not a ready spell.

    There are 3 Raptor Hetchling Conjurations and no Summon Raptor Hetchling Cards in the deck so chances are that the Raptor Herder is summoning them with an ability.

    Also some Names are unlikely Attachements :
    Mass Heal, Sacred Ground - Healing might produce an attachement but there is none of suitable name, so it probably does not and sacred ground doesn't need to be hold by a Unit to be there.
    Natures Wrath would need to be very similar to Mark of the Red Flower to make sense as an attachment.

    All the Cards produces by the 'Summon X Mount' are likely to be either Units or attachments with combat stats. This makes Shining Hydra less likely to be an attachment as we would barely have characters then.

    Things we can guess from currenct card and Meta game philosophy :
    (Here Meta Game means what the Designers would like to be the case rather than what players actually do)

    • Nature and Divine Magic both have little to no reaction spells in their color. And the effects correspond strongly with their typical effects. Ice Trap effectively deals 2 Damage, which is very close to the Dice Power and Divine Intervention only uses Divine Dice to place the Immunity alteration which is a lot like othe Divine effects. Both Cards have strong Conditions and a limited effect. Ice Trap is strictly worse than dealing 2 damage for example.
    • Also Both Divine and Nature have a History of introducing Buffing Alterations in their color, whith most of them affecting Raw Combat Stats or having an equivalent effect. They only have 'interesting' text related to exhaustion.

    This would lead one to believe that Xander wont have Reactionsspells or at least very specific ones and that the deck would be oozing with Attachements.

    With what i mention in the Card name seciton these rules would need to apply to the following cards :

    Sacred Ground, Natures Wrath, Mass Heal, Shining Hydra, Shining Hydra Head.

    Mass Heal and Sacred Ground were ruled out as attachments earlier.
    Shining Hydra was said to be unlikely.
    I already mentioned earlier that Natures Wrath would need to be very similar to Mark of the Red Flower to make sense as an attachment and that both colors do not usually have interesting text on attachment so it would be exhaustion related or more likely not be an attachment.

    Also Shining Hydra Head is now even more likely to be an attachment as otherwise there would not be any.

    As for Reactionsspells the only clue i got is what kind of spells are already available and which kind of spells have not been printed yet.
    Let me explain.
    The Entitys of the game are :

    • Cards (Units, Spells ...)
    • Tokens (Damage, Status, Exhaustion)
    • Dice (Nature, Illusion ...)
    • Players, Phoenixborn
    • Positions (Battlefields, Spell boards, active dice pool, an a Unit, Under a card ...)
    • Starting Player Marker
    • Time steps (turns, rounds and Phases of Play)
    • Events (A Unit dies, A Cost is paid, You receive Damage )
    • Choices (Target of ..., the attacked Unit .., all units )

    Every Rule in the Game can be expressed as a Relation between these objects (or their subtypes) and Cards and Effects connect these objects with a canonical operation :

    • placing (increase)
    • moving (modify)
    • removing (decrease)

    There is a Card that places Exhaustion Tokens on Units, and there is a card that removes Exhaustion Tokens from any Card.
    There is card or an effect to ...
    deal(place) damage, remove damage, move damage, turn own dice, turn opponents dice, discard dice, return dice, etc. etc.

    Many relations have been done and some have not. Here are some relations that have not been done yet that are strong contenders for Cards in these Dice colors :
    Reaction spell to ...
    a spell that does not target a Unit
    an attachment being removed
    an attachment being attached
    a cost being paid that includes a power symbol
    a cost being paid that includes 3 or more dice

    Why are these strong contenders ?
    First : It's subjective
    Second : Attachments are not exactly part of what plays use a lot so this could be the attempt to make them viable. This would shake up the meta game and be consisted with the theme of both dice colors even though there do not seem to be attachments in the deck in the usual sense.
    Also we do not have a reaction to Spells with Massive effects and Mass Heal might just be a Reaction Spell that heals all your Units. Again : It would be on theme and solve some meta game issues and is restrictive similar to other reaction spells in the given dice colors. Mass heal probably wont do anything with exhaustion as Meteor has a built in counter for the exhaustion part and Kneel can already be partially countered.
    The 'Cost being Paid' thing is there because Nature Cards often cost [[nature:class]] and some [[basic]] but usually not [[nature:power]], but they do have some reroll effects.
    Nature does not have dice manipulation like the other colors so this is their way to compensate.
    Divine Cards also don't exactly come cheap. Holy Knight costs 3 Divine-colored dice and Meteor costs 2 [[Divine:Power]]. Their way to compensate is a bit more drastic. They have some finite-use dice fixer and they have discarding as a cost so you can actually pay with cards you couldn't afford because of the other stuff you paid for.
    These two do not go well together because Nature would suggest an 2/3 Allies is maybe costed like this
    while Divine might pay for it like this

    and a preconstructed Deck is meant to have a playable cost structure.
    If you want to play 5 cards on average per turn the average cost per card have to be 2, not 3 Basic Dice and not 2 Power Symbols.

    The only Card we know the costs of is Earthquake at 2[[basic]] while Xanders ability costs 1[[Divine:Class]].
    Allies will probably be more costly and the Summon Raptor Hetchling might as well cost 1 [[natural:class]] every time so having a reaction spell that gives back dice and reacts to absurd costs being paid would make some sense.

    There is still things left unsaid though :
    Nature's Wrath will most likely not be a straight up damage to a Unit/Phoenixborn spell. Those are already in the game. The only thing that would make sense would be a two-colored version of Freezing Blast with more damage that can only target units or a reaction spell to some Unit Combat that does the the same but with even more damage.

    Remaing cards :

    Law of Domination : Lots of possibilities, but none more likely than any other.
    If i am wrong on any of the other effects it could instead be that the law of dominance has that effect instead or something completely different.

    Pain Shaman : Given the name it will probably have an interaction with damage tokens. Maybe he reacts to damage dealt to units. Maybe he deals damage to units as some kind of walking [[Natural:Power]] die. Maybe he is the Dice generator the Deck needs. I do not know.

    Earthquake will probably deal damage but how much and what else in addition is a mystery. The Art suggest a single Target.

    I will present some possible Values for Unit Combat Stats and/or Dice Cost in the future. I already got some Math done and there are not that many Dice/Stat Distribution possibilities that make a working deck considering the card types.

    Everything here is just a 'most likely' type statement

    • Earthquake Actionspell (Damage to a single Target)
    • Summon Cerasaurus Mount (Action Spell or less likely Read Spell - conjured alteration with huge stats)
    • Summon Archasaurus Mount (Ready Spell - conjured alteration with medium stats)
    • Law of Domination (Read Spell - no clues)
    • Ratpor Herder (Ally that summons small conjurations with his ability)
    • Pain Shaman (Ally that redirects damage dealt)
    • Summon Shining Hydra (Ready Spell - conjuration likely to grow from damage)

    One of the following 3 is probably a reaction spell, probably sacred ground, the others are then Actionspells

    • Natures Wraith or Sacred Ground (Spell - might be placed on the battle field, the other is spell that deals damage to either only Units or only Phoenixborn)
    • Mass Heal (spell that removes damage)


  • albino_penguin#09hg published a deck!

    Sep 02, 2018 PDT

    Drafting #6b - Emperor Bear

    Orrick Gilstream

  • albino_penguin#09hg published a deck!

    Sep 02, 2018 PDT

    Drafting #6a - Drawful

    Victoria Glassfire

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    Aug 31, 2018 PDT

    lulu the multi way of attack

    Lulu Firststone

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    Aug 30, 2018 PDT

    Victoria cycle Ver3.0

    Victoria Glassfire

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    Aug 30, 2018 PDT

    Three Eyed Vampire

    Harold Westraven