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  • teragigamegaflare#4h&r commented on the post Draft Report #4:

    Jul 27, 2018 PDT

    Jessa/Fear is brutal when playing draft, as you noted. In a recent casual draft tournament, I kept having my Master Vampires (1 power, 2 class) Fear'd because I didn't have much else to put out instead. It was brutal.

    I'm surprised to see that her deck didn't have Leo's unique, Anguish. Did you have to draft PB unique cards as well?

  • Draft Report #4 3

    Latest game. We actually played one game before this one but both picked reallt bad Phoenixborn (Saria and Dimona). We re-jigged our decks and played again. I won both games (at last, a win). The first game was closer - I was able to better sculpt my deck for game two and countered my oppoent's strategy pretty well. Fear is a really strong card in draft when we are often forced to play allies that are less cost effective.

    My Deck:

    Her Deck:

    The Good:
    She built a really fun deck with a solid theme and win condition - build big Dread Wraiths and Hypno in for large damage spikes. Her goal was to drop Massive growth on a Wraith then use Blood Transfer to heal the PB while further boosting attack.

    Without reliable ping damage in my opponent's deck, Flash Archer was the MVP for me. They could threaten the PB with a high attack, and easily remove her Glow Finch and Iron Worker units to keep my board advantage.

    The Bad
    Not really bad, but she needed an extra card or so not availabe in this draft to make her deck pop. If it had had a little removal e.g. Freezing Blast, she would have been better able to control my board. Her card combinations were also really susceptible to Illusion dice exhaustion (Dread Wraith is expensive!). Expand Energy would have helped protect against this.

    The Learnt
    Fear is good, really good; especially against decks that focus on building singular big units. The Glow Finch provided some protection, but Flash Archer was able to neutralise this.

    Our sideboard between matches included the ability to change dice, PB's and for any cards from our original draft. The decision to re-jig our decks for game two (including both of us switching Phoenixborn) benefited me much more than her as I was able to switch to Jessa.
    It is probably not advisable to make switching PB part of the allowable sideboarding between matches.

  • albino_penguin#09hg published a deck!

    Jul 27, 2018 PDT

    Drafting #4b - Glow Wraith or Dread Finch

    Leo Sunshadow

  • albino_penguin#09hg published a deck!

    Jul 27, 2018 PDT

    Drafting #4a - Ping and Swing Jessa

    Jessa Na Ni

  • teragigamegaflare#4h&r commented on the deck Mowgli, Pokemon Master:

    Jul 27, 2018 PDT

    I like the new iteration that you're proposing. A couple thoughts:

    While I know that overclocking spellboards makes everyone feel fancy, I have two concerns about the addition of Abundance to the mix. While I love Abundance, I think this deck really wants to pack the Gilder in the first five. Having both a Unit Guard AND an additional source of status tokens really pushes this deck forward, IMO. Testing would probably help determine if this is actually the case. Moreover, having both the Gilder and the Mirror Spirit as these floaters in your deck could turn out to be handclogs preventing you from finding the Creeper books you're looking for. My second concern, as you raised, is the fact that you're giving your opponents additional options with Abundance, which could quickly spell demise against economical opponents. With the emergence of Dark Reaping (and to a lesser extent, Gates Thrown Open), you may overexpose yourself with Abundance.

    Concerning Sleight vs. Abundance, I think Sleight would be the better option to counter the issues raised above, but I hear you that it's the less economical option in an already starved deck.

    My friend was most recently talking about playing this type of deck, so I'll have him play yours and report back with some feedback following our match!

  • Skaak#1st! commented on the deck Rin's Elephants:

    Jul 27, 2018 PDT

    Yep! As long as you don't drop below 5 dice prior to playing Rin's Fury, you're in the clear. Playing an Elephant first locks you into a specific play order, which is why if I can get away with it I'd rather wait.

    Forgot to mention, but if I'm not facing an Elephant mirror there's about a 90% chance that I'll drop Ice Buff on the Winged Lioness instead of the Elephant (Elephant Rider can take care of himself, but +1 Life on a Lioness can make a massive difference when it comes to surviving the round or not; and going into round 2 as the First Player with a Lioness on the board is practically a win condition, particularly if you happen to draw into Power Through).

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the deck Drafting #3b - Lulu Death Doll:

    Jul 26, 2018 PDT

    In a turn where your last dice are used to play Massive Growth, I would advise giving the Doll MG then both units can do work this round.

    Yeah specific turn setups can change most of what i said.
    If you can play a sequence of turns where you end up in a situation with little decision space and still can use massive growth you should probably do so.

    I was trying to argue from the more general perspective because it is essentially the information that you have before you start the match, which is when you decide if you want to pick the card or not.

    Also when the Doll swings at your opponent's most important units (Hammer Knight, Crimson Bomber etc), your opponent has a tough choice.

    Controversial opinion : what is important/tough can be very relative.
    Lets take the easier example of you attacking into a hammer knight.
    There are already some facts that wont change no matter what i decide to do :
    4 damage tokens are gonna go somewhere and Massive growth is going to get discard at the end of the round.
    So in the World of Blocking and counterattacking the effect is never that i remove any of your ressources (this turn) but give you the option to use pain link.
    If using pain link is bad for you because of the [[basic]] cost you might as well not take it so it is strictly worse than not countering (this turn).
    Of course sometimes i can poker and hope that you do something that is bad for you but on average it will be good to active pain link by most standards anyways.
    (Now the damage on the Doll is not irrelevant but is not relevant this round and you can get the doll back anyways for 4 dice.)

    So at least i would not counter if i decided to block.
    I would then start to think how much damage you could probably deal to me directly, how fast you could do that in terms of turns and how often you can use these sources.
    With the deck of your opponent i would most likely have sacrificed the creature as you can only do your massive growth attack 3 times ( 6 if i already saw refresh), but i happen to have 12 allies in my deck. Also my battle field size is bigger than yours so you have bigger problems in managing your battlefield slots.
    As you pointed out yourself the nightshade can often be sniped by the wolfs so i could imagine to trade 1 for 1 each round and reducing the combat to allies to which i have more of. Chant of revenge is going to activate anyway if i attack.

    Play Refresh the next turn to rinse and repeat.

    That is all your tempo cards pumped into attacking and the opponent also has rosefire dancer so it might just be a waste sometimes.

    So early game, favours Bananas, late game, Pincushions?

    As a rule of thumb i would say that is the best you can say.

    Im not trying to be a negative nancy. I would point out something positive but i havn't seen the match.

    Till the next report maybe

  • MinisterOfPropaganda#6d3l commented on the deck Rin's Elephants:

    Jul 26, 2018 PDT

    Interesting...For some reason I got in my head that you would have to drop the elephant at 10 dice so you have three left over for Rins fury. You could play everything and summon a monk and lioness and be down to 5 dice and rins fury THEN drop the elephant. So it's more flexible than I first thought. Thanks for the detailed reply and write up!

  • Skaak#1st! commented on the post How to Use : Shieldmage:

    Jul 26, 2018 PDT

    As long as you're the one playing Meteor, [[divine]] is probably your best bet, though then Meteor effectively costs 3 [[divine:power]]. Shield Mage is pretty worthless for defending against opponent Meteors unless you alteration it up.

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the post How to Use : Shieldmage:

    Jul 26, 2018 PDT

    Shieldmage already has 2 recovery. you can put any +life on it that is somehow worth a deckslot. Root armor would do it.
    However for the meteor example i wanted to look at shield mage without alterations.