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  • Shaz FT#8bkt commented on the deck Bouncing Along Harold AAL week 2:

    Jul 29, 2018 PDT

    I'd have to say that if I am only going to FF Chained Creations occasionally, I probably only need a single copy in the deck.

  • Shaz FT#8bkt commented on the deck Bouncing Along Harold AAL week 2:

    Jul 29, 2018 PDT

    Yes, it was more of an experiment with Chained Creations to see how useful it is as direct conjuration removal. If I'm facing Illusion I'm not going to FF the card. I had some success with it as it combos nicely with Harvest Soul to put decent pressure on conjurations. In particular, as a threat it stopped an opponent from summoning a single Frostback Bear, and in another match I removed 3 Squall Stallions and 1 Butterfly Monk conjuration from the game.

    Battle Mage ends up being a useful FF option as many of my allies only have 1 life, so [[Natural:power]] and/or Chant of Revenge runs rampant against it. I want to reliably have an ally on the board to combo with Summon Spectral Assassin.

  • Izaro#2jn1 published a deck!

    Jul 29, 2018 PDT

    It’s a Secret to Everyone

    Namine Hymntide

  • Izaro#2jn1 published a deck!

    Jul 29, 2018 PDT

    A Rock and a Hard Place

    Odette Diamondcrest

  • alchemister#8a*b published a deck!

    Jul 28, 2018 PDT

    Phoenix Queen

    Brennen Blackcloud

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the deck It’s a Secret to Everyone:

    Jul 28, 2018 PDT

    Flute mage has only 1 Attack so if you want to try not running 3 copies of every card you can just run 2 or 1 copy of flute mage and put something else in the deck. You could then use ceremonial Dice to bring a dead flute mage back.

    For example you might want dice control and with your card pool you could use Call upon the Realms.
    You could also run 1 Copy of Law of Sight or Law of Assurance for your starting hand as you will most likely not put 4 ready spells in your first five.

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the deck Stagger Shield:

    Jul 28, 2018 PDT

    To be fair the elephant rider ruling to me seemed like a backwards implementation.
    The Card annoyed people so then the question arose if moving a token is the same as removing it and replacing it Isaac probably backed out and declared it something different to enable slightly more counter play.

    I agree this is not consistent but only on a pedantic level. Other Card games have much much more problems with wording or definitions than ashes.

  • Kale12321#9sig commented on the deck Stagger Shield:

    Jul 28, 2018 PDT

    Cool. Then the wording is just inconsistent. Which is not cool.

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the deck Stagger Shield:

    Jul 28, 2018 PDT
    By simply using an ally recursion effect (such as the ceremonial dice power) while this spell is in play, you can discard Chained Creations to ...

  • Kale12321#9sig commented on the deck Stagger Shield:

    Jul 28, 2018 PDT

    To my knowledge, the [[ceremonial:power]] doesn't trigger Chained Creations. They technically have different effects. [[Ceremonial:power]] specifies "add to your hand" where as Chained Creations says "Placed". I haven't heard an official ruling on this, but if it's anything like Transfer or Chaos Gravity on Elephant Rider (place versus move), it might not work off of that. It's mainly just something to keep in mind. (Still not 100% sure on this, but if Plaid Hat keeps consistency, it would not since the wording is different.)

    I really enjoy Small Sacrifice in these types of decks tho. It's also interesting to keep in mind that on Celestial Knight, it doesn't have a minimum of 1 damage, so if you use Small Sacrifice on it, you could do it without harming it at all.

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the post Do Vampire Bats make To Shadows worth using?:

    Jul 28, 2018 PDT

    I don't really understand that last bit about exhausting the Bat Swarm. I mean, yeah, when you attack with it, it's exhausted.

    Was talking about exhaustion from effects before it does something.
    Since you invest ressources into this unit and put To Shadows in your deck i imagine you would want it to do its thing.
    But this specific unit does not really unexhaust in the unsual way since it has fleeting.

  • albino_penguin#09hg commented on the post Draft Report #4:

    Jul 28, 2018 PDT

    We did draft PB uniques, but they didn't have to be included. Her deck was really tight on dice each turn - most of her plays were quite costly - 3[[ceremonial:class]] for Dread Wraith, [[charm:class]] & [[ceremonial:class]] for Blood Transfer, [[natural:class]] & [[basic]] for Massive Growth and [[basic]] for Glow Finch meant there wasn't often may dice left over for Hypnotise etc. I think she decided Anguish wasn't going to further her specific win condition so left it out - it doesn't help clear the board or build dice advantage so wasn't really useful.

    Would you have included it? Why? And what would you swap it for?

  • ShiningAquas#5683 commented on the post Do Vampire Bats make To Shadows worth using?:

    Jul 28, 2018 PDT

    I'm pretty sure it still works if we're just playing it as written. "Receiving damage as a result of an attack or counter" makes its intent pretty clear:
    During the "Receive damage" step, it would check whether or not the source of the damage was caused either by the attack itself or any effect or ability that triggered because of that attack.

    Damage from "Swarm X" originates from an ability that triggers only as the result of dealing damage from an attack to a PB. Illusion's only requirement is that the damage is a result of a unit's attack or counter, I don't think it cares whether you attacked that unit specifically or not.

    Normally this isn't applicable because "Aftershock X", which would normally be the go-to effect for hitting multiple targets on the attack, places wound tokens instead of dealing damage.

    Regarding the counterplay:
    - Yeah, Holy Knight, Elephant Rider, Celestial Knight, Particle Shield and even Reflections in the Water all counter the strategy to a degree, and that's alright. No strategy is completely without counterplay in Ashes, so if you see a bunch of [[Divine:Power]] dice on your opponent's side, keep that in mind. (Although, I honestly think [[Divine:power]]'s card pool is generally overtuned for this game.)
    - Units with Magic Guard are indeed safe, which is a total of...Seaside Raven. Well, that only matters against Saria, and only like half the Saria players I've seen even run it, so I'm not too worried.
    - Unit Guard makes this stuff harder, I agree. That's why I'm building this with Harold Westraven to specifically address the Unit Guard issue. One way you can take advantage of the Bats to address Unit Guard is Blood Chains to heavily exhaust them and help open up future turns a bit.
    - Golden Veil and Angelic Rescue are decent against To Shadows, but I feel like that exchange goes in your favor. You pay [[illusion:class]], they pay [[illusion:power]] or two dice, and then you just decide not to swing, which is fine. If they play one of those cards or Choke to cancel the Swarm trigger instead, at least you're still dealing 2 damage to the PB on the attack. So I file those cards as "annoying" but not absolute hard counters.
    - Surprisingly, Redirect doesn't work against this. Both effects trigger when the PB "would be dealt damage", and active player makes those decisions first. So when the Bats would deal damage, you may instead choose to spread it with Swarm. Your opponent only has the opportunity to Redirect when you specifically choose not to activate Swarm.
    - You don't care about Regress. If your opponent drops a Regress on a Bat Swarm, that's almost definitely a win for you long term. Biggest hurdle with Regress is trying to figure out how to get rid of your stumped units to clear up your battlefield, but Bats clears out automatically. It also makes a great blocker since it takes exactly 3 sources of damage to kill it.
    - I don't really understand that last bit about exhausting the Bat Swarm. I mean, yeah, when you attack with it, it's exhausted. Kinda like every other unit in the game. If he takes an attack though, it's probably gonna be better not to counter unless it kills something on the counter.

    And yeah, I know the three colors thing makes it more difficult, but most of the decks that I see these days are already playing three colors. It's very common in this game to run 2-4 different dice types, so I don't see it as a massive hindrance.

    Though admittedly 3 dice is still a pretty steep price. I do think it's overall more usable than Shatter Pulse since you don't always need to have the resources up at all times and can space it out over multiple turns. To me, the best remedy is to play cards that allow you to take extra advantage of your combo pieces to increase their value. Vampire Bat Swarm is real great with Blood Chains and Dark Reaping once it's exhausted, and Illusion makes it even easier to trigger Harvest Soul or Master Vampire's ability.

  • Skaak#1st! commented on the post Do Vampire Bats make To Shadows worth using?:

    Jul 28, 2018 PDT

    I'm pretty sure this combo doesn't work for the reason Cronos Genesis#9i6t described (the damage isn't from an attack, it's from an ability that replaced an attack). However, I was unable to find any rulings in the FAQ that imply this strongly enough to argue the point from a rulings standpoint instead of a semantics standpoint. As already mentioned, the closest thing is looking at the Redirect rulings, which explicitly note that the unit is still dealing attack damage, just to a different target. Contrast with the wording of Swarm 2 which is replacing the attack damage with something else.

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the post Do Vampire Bats make To Shadows worth using?:

    Jul 28, 2018 PDT

    So i am not sure if it actually counts a damage resulting from an attack. One of the weak points of ashes rules is that we do not have rules to attribute sources of effects.

    One can like you say that is the result of the attack because the ability triggers of the attack and text says "instead deal [...] damage ..." with instead being the operative word here.
    However one might as well take the position that the ability is causing the damage and not the attack.
    Both are perfectly reasonable and we don't have rules to see which is right.

    2 examples we have are Redirect and Power Through + Imperial Ninja.
    I don't have sources but i think there is an official ruling that imperial ninja is counting as dealing damage via an attack and can trigger its ability if it kills a unit.
    There is some things to keep in mind here though :
    Alterations are formulated from the perspective of the unit that carries it Mark Of The Goddess, so the 'you' in Power through is certainly to be understood as the unit dealing the damage.
    In Redirect it specifically says that you deal 'that' damage and not just some damage of the same amount to a unit.

    The Vampire Bat Swarm now does not redirect its damage. It just instead deals other damage.
    That damage is 100% percent to count as being dealt by an ability. The Question is if it also counts as being the result of an attack. Those things don't have to be exclusive but they often are implied to be.

    For the sake of your question though lets look at it as if it works in the way you suggested :

    • 3 Units come to mind that are immune to one part of the combo : Holy Knight, Elephant Rider and Celestial Knight
    • Damage can be prevented with particle shield
    • To Shadows can be redirected with glow finch
    • Units with Spellguard are immune.
    • Golden Veil and Angelic Rescue counter both parts of the combo.
    • Really doesnt change anything if the target already is an illusion or has just 1 Life.
    • Choke counters the ability
    • Regress prevents the trigger for similar abilities so probably for this too.
    • Reflections In The Water removes the ability
    • Redirect can prevent the trigger by choosing another target.
    • Unit Guard will influence your targeting choices.
    • I feel like Vamipre Bat Swarm will often be exhausted as it reduces damage taken and dies at the end of the round.

    If the combo became great there would be sufficient ways to play around it. It is not as binary as described.
    It also costs 3 different colors so i think it actually needs to perform pretty good.
    It also costs 3 Dice and that is a high cost for most things. For example Shatter Pulse is actually cheaper in most senses and is considered too expensive by many players.

  • Do Vampire Bats make To Shadows worth using? 23

    Okay, but for real, Vampire Bat Swarm with To Shadows is actually kinda horrendous.

    If you make the opponent's creature an Illusion for a [[side]], than perform an "Attack a Unit" [[main]] targeting the Illusion creature, there's no good outcome.
    - Unit takes the hit and is destroyed due to Illusion ability.
    - Phoenixborn guards for unit, triggers "Swarm 2", deals 1 damage to unit which is destroyed by Illusion ability (since it's the result of an attack)

    I'm currently working on a decklist for this right now that uses Harold Westraven since Harvest Soul becomes super easy to fulfill and Hunter's Mark addresses the Unit Guard issue, but I'm curious to know what other people think of this cool combo.

  • ShiningAquas#5683 commented on the post How to Use : Shieldmage:

    Jul 28, 2018 PDT

    Here, I made a Shield Mage deck:

  • teragigamegaflare#4h&r commented on the post Draft Report #4:

    Jul 27, 2018 PDT

    Jessa/Fear is brutal when playing draft, as you noted. In a recent casual draft tournament, I kept having my Master Vampires (1 power, 2 class) Fear'd because I didn't have much else to put out instead. It was brutal.

    I'm surprised to see that her deck didn't have Leo's unique, Anguish. Did you have to draft PB unique cards as well?

  • Draft Report #4 3

    Latest game. We actually played one game before this one but both picked reallt bad Phoenixborn (Saria and Dimona). We re-jigged our decks and played again. I won both games (at last, a win). The first game was closer - I was able to better sculpt my deck for game two and countered my oppoent's strategy pretty well. Fear is a really strong card in draft when we are often forced to play allies that are less cost effective.

    My Deck:

    Her Deck:

    The Good:
    She built a really fun deck with a solid theme and win condition - build big Dread Wraiths and Hypno in for large damage spikes. Her goal was to drop Massive growth on a Wraith then use Blood Transfer to heal the PB while further boosting attack.

    Without reliable ping damage in my opponent's deck, Flash Archer was the MVP for me. They could threaten the PB with a high attack, and easily remove her Glow Finch and Iron Worker units to keep my board advantage.

    The Bad
    Not really bad, but she needed an extra card or so not availabe in this draft to make her deck pop. If it had had a little removal e.g. Freezing Blast, she would have been better able to control my board. Her card combinations were also really susceptible to Illusion dice exhaustion (Dread Wraith is expensive!). Expand Energy would have helped protect against this.

    The Learnt
    Fear is good, really good; especially against decks that focus on building singular big units. The Glow Finch provided some protection, but Flash Archer was able to neutralise this.

    Our sideboard between matches included the ability to change dice, PB's and for any cards from our original draft. The decision to re-jig our decks for game two (including both of us switching Phoenixborn) benefited me much more than her as I was able to switch to Jessa.
    It is probably not advisable to make switching PB part of the allowable sideboarding between matches.

  • albino_penguin#09hg published a deck!

    Jul 27, 2018 PDT

    Drafting #4b - Glow Wraith or Dread Finch

    Leo Sunshadow