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  • Vicky Meteor 2

    What kinds of lists are good for Vicky Meteor these days? Looking for something without [[ceremonial:power]] to be specific, though I'd imagine they're not running it anyways.

  • On Conjuration Removal and overall Balance 3

    Hi everyone,
    i read and heard a lot of people talking about conjuration removal and that is not what the game needed right now in terms of the meta game and how it is also unfun to play against.

    I would agree that conjuration removal is not something i would have asked for. The whole point of conjurations is to be reusable.
    I was also very confused to see Ally recursion in [[Divine:Power]] on such a crazy level. To me it felt like Allies supposed to be limited ressources with a stronger short term effect. Obviously there is [[Ceremonial:Power]] but you cant just keep resummoning the same holy knight with that.

    In my eyes it is an odd design decision to just make [[Divine:Power]] better at reviving Allies then [[Ceremonial:Power]].

    Now i'm interested in the opinion of other players :
    Do you think Conjuration removal is a fun mechanic (for the opponent) ? Does it even degenerate the game ?
    Do you think that all the magic types are mostly balanced right now ? Which ones do you think are strongest / weakest ? What do you think about Divine Dice in the sembali meta ?

  • How to Use : Shieldmage 16

    There are some Cards in Ashes that i don't see used in a lot of decks.
    Since many people interested in deck building seem to visit this site i would like to ask, over a series of posts, if you could come up with some use cases or cute interactions for specific cards.

    The first Card i want to ask about is "Shield Mage".
    It also only has 2 life so that the unit effectively represents a walking Divine Die. It often seems to me be the same to just use a divine die at a critical moment instead of playing the Card. The recovery value also seems hard to use.

    What does a Deck look like that uses Shieldmages and are there any (no matter how stupid) Interactions with other Cards ?

  • Drafting for non-tournament play 4

    What does everyone do in terms of drafting when not playing with a specific preconstructed deck or custom deck for tournament play?

    My brothers and I typically play casually and we tend to perform the drafting indicated in the book. I was trying to see if others have a variant if your playing with others and only one person has Ashes that allows a bit more control of creating your deck.

  • Strange Copy and Elephant Rider/Holy Knight 2

    Im not the biggest Tournament player but it came to my attention that a lot of people play Elephant Rider or Holy Knight with Hypnotize on turn 1.

    So in my search for counter plays i came across Strange Copy and the fact it is a lot cheaper than those units and immune to attachments by default.

    The Idea would obviously be to have a unit of the same strength as your opponent but also have enough dice to build up some conjuration spells or allies.
    If you want to you can even play hypnotize yourself.

    Do people do this or is it for some reason not viable ?

  • Event: Seattle tournament June 7, 2018 with new OP kit 4

    Bit of short notice, but Gameporium in West Seattle is holding an Ashes tournament on Thursday June 7, 2018 at 6pm with prizes from the new OP kits (including alt art cards, errata-ed Enchanted Violinist, and translucent dice!):

    If you're in the neighborhood, come on down! And even if you can't make it, it looks like they will be holding weekly LCG events at this time (and the new OP kits support something like 4 tournaments per kit, so I suspect they'll be doing more events in future weeks).

  • Calling all Ashes 500 decks 0

    Ever wished that you could use those cards in your box that aren't Elephant Rider or Holy Knight? Or that you could shake up your local meta without needing to wait on Plaid Hat releasing new cards?

    Well now you can, with Ashes 500! When building an Ashes 500 deck, all Ashes cards are assigned point values and the total value of your deck must be 500 or less (while following all normal deck construction rules).

    Ashes 500 has been around for a while now (it was originally conceived by Elliot Kramer, and recently was resurrected by the community), but you had to build your deck using a custom spreadsheet. UNTIL NOW!

    Ashes 500 is now supported here on!

    Please note that I have also rewritten how the deckbuilder and card browser load and filter card listings. This is experimental, and I would love to hear if the card browser is behaving better or worse for you (theoretically, it should perform about the same on normal browsers, and much better on mobile or other lower-spec devices).

  • Face down cards 3

    I can't find a place, both in the official material and the rules reference, that explains exactly what happens to face down cards when the card where they're "hosted" on leaves the game.

  • What's new with the site: posts! 0

    Hola, Ashes players! As part of my continued push to implement better social features on, I am very happy to announce the latest and greatest: posts! This is basically's very own "forum-lite", and offers a way to communicate with other users outside of deck and card comments (but with inline card previews and similar niceties).

    There are currently three sections where you can submit new posts:

    As of this post, all of them are empty, so get cracking! [[charm:class]]

    Lastly, if you have a news announcement, event info, or similar that you would like pinned to the top of the homepage for better exposure, please contact me with the link and I'll give it a gander.